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Would You Rather: Nepali Food Edition

Namaste, food enthusiasts! Are you ready to know your preferences for Nepali Dishes? We’ve lined up some exciting, head-to-head polls featuring popular Nepali dishes. It’s time to vote and see which flavors and delicacies you would prefer. Let’s dive in and see what Would you rather choose!

Nepali food blends many culinary traditions, influenced by Nepal’s diverse geography and ethnic groups. It comes from the Himalayan, Terai, and mid-hill regions, combining flavors from India, Tibet, and China. The main staples are rice, lentils, and vegetables, often served with achar (pickle). The traditional dish is Dal Bhat, which is lentil soup with rice. Newari cuisine from the Kathmandu Valley includes specialties like yomari and bara. Additionally, the Thakali and Tharu communities offer unique dishes such as Gundruk (fermented leafy greens) and dhikri (rice flour dumplings). Over time, Nepali food has kept its traditional roots while embracing global influences.

Would you rather have Momo (Dumplings) or Chowmein?



Have Dal Bhat or Puri Tarkari?

Dal Bhat

Puri Tarkari

Would you rather have Sel Roti or Kheer?

Sel Roti


Have Aloo Tama or Gundruk?

Aloo Tama


Would you rather have a Newari Khaja Set or a Thakali Thali?

Newari Khaja Set

Thakali Thali

Have Chatamari or Bara?



Would you rather have Choila or Sekuwa?



Have Juju Dhau or Yomari?

Juju Dhau


Have Pakauda or Pakku?



Would you rather have Beer or Chhaang ?



In The End

Thank you, food lovers! Your votes are helping us discover the most beloved Nepali dishes and celebrate the vibrant flavors of Nepal. Whether you crave the savory taste of momos or the comforting warmth of dal bhat, every choice adds to the rich tapestry of Nepali cuisine. Keep an eye out for the results, and in the meantime, why not try cooking or tasting some of these dishes yourself? 

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