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Worldlink: Connecting Nepal Through the Power of Internet

Most Nepalis know the word Worldlink because it is very popular in Nepal. It is popular in Nepal for its wifi service, especially because of its free wifi service in some places in Kathmandu. But have you ever wondered how it started? Let me tell you.

WorldLink Communications Pvt. Ltd., commonly known as WorldLink, established itself in 1995 during the infancy of the Internet in Nepal.

The main focus of the company was to connect the people of the country. It’s coverage area extends from the Himalayan hills to the Terai regions, with more than 800,000 homes successfully connected to the Internet.

Wifi Service: It is well known for its wifi services. The Wi-Fi solution offered by WorldLink includes wireless routers and network configuration options that make it easy to access the Internet in residential, commercial, and public areas.

Broadband internet: It provides broadband Internet access to both residential and commercial customers. It enabling them to browse, stream, and play games online.

Voice service: It offers voice-over IP (VoIP) and landline services for both residential and business customers. It allowing them to make local and international calls.

Internet Connectivity for Education: WorldLink is currently providing Internet connections to educational institutions in Nepal. WorldLink launched the “Digital Education” program to enhance access to online learning materials and promote digital education for students and teachers.

These are a few of the services provided by WorldLink; there are many more.

Worldlink was also honoured with the Digital Transformation Award, which was presented by the Asian-Ocean Computing Industry Organisation in 2023. Because of its vital role in extending high-speed internet access to remote areas like Karnali, It’s efforts have significantly contributed to Nepal’s digital progress.


WorldLink Communications Pvt. Ltd. Worldlink, which is a well-known Internet connection, has become renowned in Nepal due to its pioneering efforts. It is an IT company that the citizens love because it strives to connect the country through the internet.

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