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World Leprosy Day 2024

In Nepal, until recent times, leprosy means to be a taboo disease. Leprosy is consider to be a disease that is only contagious to people who have committed sin in their previous lifetime. Such superstitious are long vanish in Western society, and Nepal is also taking a positive turn. Nepal’s government has announced the ‘National Leprosy Strategy 2078-2082’ to create a leprosy-free Nepal. Today, on World Leprosy Day 2024, let’s look into the history and significance of this disease.

What is Leprosy?

Leprosy is a disease affecting the skin and nerves. Leprosy, often known as Hansen’s condition, is a long-term infectious disability. It also affects the upper respiratory tract and the eyes. Leprosy symptoms include blisters, loss of color, rashes, reduced touch sensation, loss of temperature, nerve injury, weight loss, and joint discomfort. Leprosy, caused by an infection with Mycobacterium leprae, is treatable. However, raising awareness about the condition at an early stage helps people suffering to find a cure.

World Leprosy Day is observe every year on the final Sunday of January. World Leprosy Day falls on January 28 this year on a Sunday.

Fingers of a person infected by leprosy.

History In Nepal

Nepal has a long history of being an endemic country for leprosy. Since 2009, leprosy is no longer consider as a public health issue. The World Health Organization’s rules were misguided in 2010, resulting in the false conclusion that leprosy has been “eliminated” in Nepal. Nepal is among the four nations worldwide that have yet to succeed in completely eliminating leprosy as a public health issue. Operational elements found to have an essential role in Nepal include re-registration, registration of Indian patients, and incorrect diagnosis. The health report for Nepal is good, with over 94% of cases being treat. Leprosy is endemic mainly in the Terai region, where 80% of cases occur.


This year’s World Leprosy Day 2024 theme is “Beat Leprosy.” The purpose of choosing this theme is to raise awareness of the illness and combat its stigma. The World Health Organization stated on its official website that “the aim of observing World Leprosy Day is to create awareness against the stigma attached to the disease by making the general community aware that it is a disease spread by a type of bacteria and it can be easily cured.”

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