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Winter in Gazzabkoo Camera

As winter fades and spring comes, we experience lots of emotions. We enjoy the cool mornings and cozy nights of winter. At Gazzabkoo, we have photography of the best beauty of winter. Now, as summer approaches, we’d like to share some heartwarming winter images with you. Allow these photos to bring back memories of chilly days and warm your heart. Prepare to say goodbye to winter and hello to the new season with us! This is our winter in Gazzabkoo camera.

gazzabkoo camera

On Maghe Sankranti we celebrate food that helps us keep warm. Various dishes are prepared for the occasion of Maghe Sankranti. We observe the holiday by consuming chaku and ghee, which we believe to increase body temperature. The dishes also include sweet potatoes, yams, and black and white sesame balls (til ko laddu).

gazzabkoo camera

What could be more mesmerizing than school trips in winter? Students on an excursion to Bhaktapur Durbar Square. The formal royal palace complex known as Bhaktapur Durbar Square is in Bhaktapur, Nepal. From the 14th to the 15th century, it was home to the Malla monarchs of Nepal, and from the 15th to the late 18th century, the kings of the monarchy of Bhaktapur, until the monarchy was overthrown in 1769. Currently, Bhaktapur Municipality and the Archeological Department of Nepal jointly administer this square, which is recognized by UNESCO.

woman cooking in wooden stove

Where could be colder than the Himalayas? More than often, a journey is memorable by the people we meet on the way. An elderly woman at Paachpokhari making food in firewood, which was just as heart-warming as her.

day out in chitlang

Exploring the picturesque hills of Chitlang village with great company on a cozy winter afternoon. Nature’s beauty and good friends make the perfect blend for an unforgettable hike.

kid holding a baby goat best winter photography

It’s winter. As captured in Budhanilkantha. A cute kid holding an equally cute baby goat. He was a bit shy when asked for a picture, but warmed up to us soon enough. He even let us hold his baby goat.

winter camera

A perfect Nepali winter breakfast. Starting with a great cup of tea and tihar selroti.

women in tea garden

Women and tea, are the two best things in one fame. A picture taken during an evening walk at a tea garden. Before the plucking season in winter, it turns to this beautiful shade of green.

blooming winter flower

At last, the flower blooming in harmony, our best winter photography. A hand adorned with the same vibrant nail polish as the Heliotropium arborescens flower, celebrating nature’s beautiful color palette.

At last

To summarize, the shift from winter to spring is a time of reflection and anticipation. As we say goodbye to the cool embrace of winter, the memories we’ve captured through the Gazzabkoo camera serve as a memory of the beauty we witnessed. Our compilation of the best winter photography captures the heart of this beloved season, from cold hot sel rot breakfast to pleasant moments with loved ones. While we may be saying goodbye to winter, the photographs we’ve collected will serve as a reminder of its beauty for all time. As we excitedly await the approach of spring, let us remember the warmth of winter through Gazzabkoo’s breathtaking photographs.

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