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Will the Monarchy Return to Nepal?

The restoration of monarch supporters is growing day by day. People are fed up with pervasive corruption, the autonomy of major political parties, deteriorating public service, and a sense of low hope. These all points encourage the public to seek alternatives to the current political scenario. Will the monarchy return to Nepal? Before you judge and draw any conclusions, let’s see into the ‘whys” of the masses who view this as a better alternative and what lies behind the monarchy’s agenda.

World history suggests various outcomes for monarch restoration. If the monarchy returns, the political scenario may undergo significant changes. Whether monarch restoration lasts is uncertain. Many questions arise, but what are your views? Let the public know. As you scroll through our content, ensure you leave your opinion with us.

Speculation on Increasing Popularity

There’s significant speculation surrounding the relationship between Nepal’s Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) and India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The rumors suggest active support from the latter. This speculation gains traction in the context of the Hindutva movement in India, backing the idea of monarchy as an alternative force.
The BJP, driven by its Hindu nationalist agenda, seeks to spread Hindutva ideology beyond India’s borders. With Nepal being a key target. The RPP’s agenda of Hindu nationalism and the establishment of a “Hindu Rashtra” resonates strongly with the Hindutva movement. This leads to undercover cooperation between the two parties.

To back up the accusation the US State Department’s “International Religious Freedom Report” of 2023 notes further. It notes that ‘right-wing religious groups associated with the BJP of providing funds to influential politicians of all parties in Nepal to advocate for Hindu Statehood’. It further alleges that Civil Society leaders in Nepal claim influence from the BJP and other Hindu groups in India. The report also continues to pressure politicians in Nepal, particularly the RPP, to support the Hindu State. The RPP has rejected these claims.

Do you think Nepal will be Hindu Rashtriya?

If the monarch returns then, Yes

No, it’s all fake agenda

History Suggestion

The history of Asian, European, and African monarchies is quite similar. In 1973, a military coup toppled Afghanistan’s monarchy. Despite a desire to reinstate Zahir Shah 49 years later, his return to the throne was unsuccessful. Similarly, Palden Thondup Namal, the Chogyal (King) of Sikkim, lost his throne to India in 1975. The Iranian monarchy has faded from the discussion. Africa once hosted numerous monarchies or similar authoritative systems, but now only three monarchies remain, with two being constitutional.

Historical patterns reveal the overthrow and restoration of monarchies. Those failing to meet expectations are discarded, leaving only constitutional monarchy. Some countries such as those in England, Spain, Norway, Sweden, and Thailand, adhere to constitutional constraints. Disillusionment with existing systems often prompts a desire to return to the old order, like monarchy restoration. However, restored monarchies, like others, often stutter, leading to their eventual removal. Ultimately, after cycles of overthrow and restoration, despite their flaws, people tend to settle for democratic republics.

Will the Monarchy Return to Nepal?

will the monarchy return in nepal



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