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Why Celebrate National Constitution Day?

The sacrifice, selfless contribution and dedication of many Nepali shall be remembered and honored today.

With many holidays cut off from the calendar, why celebrate and honor National Constitution Day?

On the historic date of Asoj 3rd, 2072 BS, President Ram Baran Yadav signed and approved the “Constitution of Nepal 2072,” completing a 65-year-long desire of the people. Today is Nepal’s National Constitution Day, which marks the passing of this important constitution.

A tribute to the selfless contributions, sacrifices, and dedication of many Nepalis. The Nepal 2072 Constitution is a symbol of progress. Replacing the temporary constitution issued on Magh 1st, 2063 BS. And starting the nation on a road of law and republican administration. To highlight the historical significance of Constitution Day, the government plans important events. This includes a procession at Tundikhel, where security personnel will participate.

This year’s Constitution Day takes place in a slightly different setting. Since establishing a majority government in parliament following elections at various levels over the last few years, the Federal Republic of Nepal has experienced significant problems and swings. The acts and inclinations of the administration are affecting Nepal’s constitutional framework and democratic norms.

The country has faced several challenges, problems, and legal issues, but the Federal Republic of Nepal has achieved great milestones and set significant benchmarks.

On this Constitution Day, let us hope for a greater push for justice, not only for Nirmala Pant but also for others, as well as greater efforts to eliminate corruption. A stronger commitment to transparency and a more in-depth assessment of the errors and corruption instances. These are the Nepalese people’s expectations.

With all this in mind, we hope for a better country and better days for people here. So why not celebrate National Constitution Day with great joy and celebration?

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