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Who is Durga Prasai?

If you’re a Nepali you must have heard the name of Durga Prasai. He has become every household’s name after his initiative to make Nepal a Hindu nation and restore the monarchy in Nepal. But who is Durga Prasai? Why is he famous among Nepalese? Why there are so many controversies related to him? Let’s find out.

Durga Prasai’s Backstory

52-year-old Durga Prasai was born on 5 May 1971 in Taplejung Nepal. He is a political activist now. But before he had gone to Europe for employment opportunities. He was very close to the Nepali Congress but joined the communist party later. You might have seen his picture of dining with KP Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal which had gone viral. He established B&C Hospital in 2068 B.S. which was in operation after 2074 B.S. He’s mostly popular for his 5.57 billion loan default controversy. Further, his campaign to bring back the king brings a spotlight to him repeatedly.

who is durga prasai?

Prasai’s B&C Medical College Controversy

The most popular controversy of Prasai was his charge for loan default which he had taken from 9 different banks of Nepal. The banks had lent him the loan for the establishment of B&C Medical College. According to Nepal Rastra Bank sources, Prasai owes 760 million rupees to Nabil Bank, 1.2 billion to Prabhu Bank, 1 billion to Kumari Bank (then NCC Bank), 700 million to Rastriya Banijya Bank, and 650 million to Nepal Investment Mega Bank (then Mega Bank). Further he owes 153 million to Lumbini Development Bank, 110 million to Goodwill Finance, and 1 billion rupees to Global IME Bank (then Janata Bank). More over his B&C medical college was also controversial because of the allegation that it did not meet the requirement set by MEC.

who is durga prasai?

Prasai’s movement to restore monarchy

On Mangsir 7 2080, Durga Prasai protested against the current federal democratic government in Balkhu, Kathmandu. No one had imagined so many people would go and join him in this protest. The crowd of people shocked every Nepalese. Neither the citizens nor the government expected it. There were thousands of people in the protest. The protest primarily focused on restoring the monarchy and declaring Nepal as a Hindu nation. 23 protestors even got injured. Moreover, 5 policemen had also got injured.

This protest raised many questions. Durga Prasai who had once dined with KP Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal was protesting against their government now. It raised many eyebrows. Was it really a protest to restore monarchy or a mere act for fame? Or was it to remove his charge of loan default? The nation remains confused.

At the end

There are both admirers and critics of Durga Prasai. Prasai has been getting both praise and hate comments on various social media platforms. Does the country need such political activists? Is Prasai an activist or a mere demagogue? Do you support him? Let us know your take on him.

What's your reaction?

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