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Which Festive Person Are You?

We Nepali have many festivals to celebrate through out the year. The diversity is what keeps us unique ans thriving. But no matter what cultural background we come from we sure do enjoy celebrating our main three festival. You guessed it write Dashain, Tihar and Holi. Infact we have two days assigned to play holi only.

We sure do love all of these festivals in our own way. But have you ever have the conflict which you love the most? Funny, I guess. Give it a thought which festive person are you?

Who do you have the most of the fun with?



Whole Family

Which season do you look forward to?



Neither too hot nor to cold season

Which drink do you love the most?




Do you buy new clothes for any of these festive?


I am not a child

A big YES!

What is the best board game to play?




Best festival is Dashain cause I get the bonus.


No holidays with bonus is boring

Disagree, no bonus can make up for dashain expense

Big Cash Gets You Huh!

A Dashain Person

Lights Do Sure Are Your Thing

Tihar Person

Colors Lightens Up Your Day Huh!

Holi Person

So, does this quiz justify your personality? Or did you had some fun? Let us know on the comments what you think and as always we are welcome your thoughts on our page. Happy Dashain to you and your family from our gazzabkoo family. Hope you have a peaceful and great time with your family on this festive season.

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