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What Do You Think About Restricting Public Access To Durbar Square?

Tensions between locals and visitors flared recently at Patan Durbar Square. Have you watched it? If yes, what do you think about restricting public access to Durbar Square?

Here, a historically and culturally significant place in Lalitpur, over public areas in the late hours. What many intended to be an enjoyable evening out rapidly devolved into a discussion over the right to collective enjoyment versus historical preservation.

A group of people looking for nightlife found themselves at odds with the locals and the government in an area of beautiful temples and historic palaces. A bigger debate concerning the effects of limiting access to these shared places sparks. Per the local’s accusations, public displays of affection violated the heritage site.

The issue’s core is whether or not entire public groups should be banned from using these locations out of respect for their historical significance.
It is impossible to underline the social importance of these spaces, which serve as hubs for social interaction, community building, and architectural marvels.

As the limits became more stringent, essential issues regarding equity and the right to the city were raised. Who can determine who has access to public locations and why? This argument goes beyond the confines of actual areas; it explores the bigger picture of urban dynamics and inclusivity. So, what do you think about this issue? Vote below and let the public decide.

What Do You Think About Restricting Public Access To Durbar Square?

It is an excellent move by locals to preserve culture.

Locals and the government should not restrict public access to public places.

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