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What Do You Think About Banning Tobacco In Kathmandu ?

Starting from December 14, Kathmandu Metropolitan City has regulated a complete ban on tobacco storage, sale, and distribution. What do you think about banning Tobacco consumption in Kathmandu?

Earlier on November 28, KMC put out a notice about this decision. According to KMC spokesperson Naveen Manandhar, the consumption, sale, and storage of all tobacco products, including raw and gutkha, has been prohibited. This ban has taken effect in accordance with the terms of the Tobacco Control and Regulation Act, 2068 BS.

Consumption of cigarette, pan, gutka is outlaw

Municipal officials have also pleaded with citizens to inform the authorities if they have found disobedience of the law. Citizens are to use KMC Police Force’s hotline at 18105000060 or telephone numbers 01-5901763 and 01-5901764 to inform about the violation of the decision. Even if you find the violation of rules your power to act on the authority level is just a call way.

What do you think about this decision from the government? Will the regulation of the law act on the land the way KMC is planning to act on? Will the citizen follow the ban of tobacco in such a happening city? It should be noted that both selling and consumption of tobacco can be reported. Your opinion do matter on what the government decides to do. Vote below to show what you think about it. Let the publice decide.

What do you think about banning tobacco in Kathmandu ?

It is a positive move from the government.

It is not going to be regulated properly. So, it is just for the publicity.

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