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Vanity of Bhaktapur: Juju Dhau

If you are familiar with Newar cuisine, then you might also know the famous Newari dessert from Bhaktapur, ‘Juju Dhau’. it, also known as King Curd, is a thick curd that is slightly sweet and is traditionally served in a clay pot.
Not all yogurt from Bhaktapur is Juju Dhau. It is a special yogurt that is made from buffalo milk. It also required a good-quality clay pot and very skilled people to prepare it. There are places where it is not served in a clay pot, but the clay pot gives it an earthy taste, which enhances its flavour.

How to make it?

There is no special way to make Juju Dhau; it’s the same method that is used to make normal yogurt.

  • Firstly, you need to half-boil buffalo milk.
  • Then you need to add some sugar and cardamom for aroma.
  • After that, leave the milk to cool down.
  • Next, transfer the cold milk into the clay pot and add one spoon of Juju Dhau to it.
  • Let it sit in a warm place, like a room with straws, to set.

The Story of Juju Dhau

There is a famous tale about Juju Dhau during the Malla period. A yogurt competition was organised, and people from Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur participated in the competition. Everyone offered yogurt to the king, and yogurt from Bhaktapur was most liked by the king and won the competition. This is where it got its name; Juju in the Newari language means ‘King’ and Dahu means ‘Yogurt’. After this, it was a delicacy of Bhaktapur.

Juju Dhau is considered part of Panchamrit, which is a traditional Ayurvedic drink made by mixing five ingredients: cow’s milk, ghee, tulsi, honey, and yogurt. 

In Conclusion

Juju Dhau is not a regular yogurt; it is something special that is known for its creamy and delicious flavour. It is a vanity for Bhaktapur and for the Newari community. It is mostly enjoyed during the summer, but if you are like me, then you will definitely love it in any season. If you want to try Nepali cuisine, I will definitely recommend you try Juju Dhau.

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