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Upcoming new Nepali movies releasing this year

As we enter the new year, the Nepali film industry is set to take us on a new and exciting journey with many movies that are releasing this year. With a mix of genres, from action-packed films to romantic comedies, it seems like filmmakers have experimented with unique stories to offer the audience authenticity and thrill. The Nepali film industry is on the cusp of an evolution, and we can’t wait to witness it. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming Nepali movies that are releasing this year.

Boksi ko ghar

Firstly, the movie that tops the list is the much-awaited Boksi ko Ghar. Boksi ko ghar presented by Keki Adhikari Films is a psychological thriller representing our society’s social drawbacks. The leading actress Keki Adhikari has already attracted viewers with her stellar performance in the trailer. Moreover, the “Bujhina Maile” song of this movie is also gaining popularity. It is releasing on 14th Baisakh 2081. Are you excited for this movie?

Upcoming new Nepali movies releasing this year

London to Paris

London to Paris is a romantic movie presented by AB International in association with Gautam Production & Orchid Vase Films Limited. This movie stars Samragyee RL Shah, one of the top actresses in Nepal. The leading actor is Nischal Khadka. It would be exciting to see the chemistry between this pair. There are not many details provided on social platforms regarding this movie. The makers might release some details regarding it soon. This Nepali movie is releasing on 25th Jestha 2081. Are you ready for it?

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Upcoming new Nepali movies releasing this year


Daanvi movie directed by Rupesh Tamang is soon to be released this year. Pooja Sharma is in and as Daanvi. It is an action movie. It would be interesting to witness Pooja Sharma in such a strong role. This movie seems to be women-centric. There are not many women-centric movies in Nepal. So are you ready to watch this movie?

Upcoming new Nepali movies releasing this year


The much-loved pair of Dayahang Rai and Miruna Magar is back with a new movie again. Manasara is a special kind of paddy that cannot grow alone. How this movie relates the story with Mansarra would be interesting to watch. Moreover, the phenomenal actress Menuka Pradhan is also starring in this movie. Get ready to watch it on Baisakh 21, 2081.

Upcoming new Nepali movies releasing this year

Pujar Sharki

It seems like Pujar Sharki is going to break all records since the most popular actors of Nepali film industry are uniting for this movie. The star cast of this movie are Pradeep Khadka, Paul Shah and Aryan Sigdel. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of this movie. This movie depicts the caste based discrimination existing since many generations in our country. It will be eye pleasing for all the audiences to watch this trio. It is set to release on Jestha 10. Are you ready to witness this movie?

Farki Farki

Lastly, the movie Farki Farki is ready to be released this year. This movie stars Anmol KC and Jassita Gurung. Both are one of the most popular celebrities of Nepal. Their chemistry will be worth watching. It is a film by Suyog Gurung. This movie has a touch of thriller and also a touch of sci-fi. In addition, it seems like the filmmaker has tried to serve something new to the audience. Are you excited for it?

So are you ready?

So which movie are you waiting for the most? Be ready for these six amazing upcoming new Nepali movies that are releasing this year. Fasten your seatbelt, grab your popcorn, and be ready to witness the evolution of the Nepali film industry. From psychological thrillers to action thriller, get ready for movies of all genre.

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