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Unlocking the success of Kabaddi 4: The final match

Do you know which Nepali film is Nepal’s ultimate box office champion? If you guessed your favorite movie, Kabaddi 4 then you are right. Kabaddi 4: The final match broke all the records at the box office by being the first Nepali movie to cross 20 crores. This movie starring Dayahang Rai, Miruna Magar, and Saugat Malla became the highest-grossing movie by collecting NRS 21.39 crores. Let’s unlock the secret behind the success in box office collection of everyone’s favorite movie, Kabaddi 4: The Final Match.

About Kabaddi 4: The Final Match

Kabaddi 4: The Final Match is a romantic comedy, franchise movie of the Kabaddi series directed by Ram Babu Gurung with a budget of NRS 3 crores. It was released under the label of Baasuri Films. Audiences appreciated this movie for the screenplay, Dayahang Rai, and Saugat Malla’s extraordinary performances, soundtrack, authenticity, and Gurung’s direction. The main character, Kaji’s take on love and romance and the effort he puts to chase the love of his life is the essence of the Kabaddi series which every Nepali enjoys. We are unlocking the reasons behind the success of Kabaddi 4.

unlocking the success of Kabaddi 4

Engaging storyline of Kabaddi series

The whole Kabaddi series hooked the audiences by building the curiosity of whether Kaji got the girl or not. By the time of release of the fourth and last movie of this franchise, every Nepali wished for their favorite character, Kaji to finally get the love of his life. This cat-and-mouse love storyline of the Kabaddi movie engaged the audiences and built excitement among them. The whole storyline of Kaji finding another probable other half excited the audience.

Star power

We cannot neglect the stardom and star power of the most popular actors like Dayahang Rai and Saugat Malla. Their powerful performances over the decade have impressed every audience. Additionally, comedy actors like Bijay Baral and Buddhi Tamang were the cherry on the cake.

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unlocking the success of kabaddi 4

The Franchise Movie advantage

All the movie of this franchise was a hit at their release. All three movies released before this final movie had already made a place in the audience’s hearts. So, it was prominent for this movie to be a super hit too. Nepali people already had certain expectations from this movie. So, they wanted to check whether their expectations were fulfilled or not. That’s also one of the reasons why people crowded theatres during the release of Kabaddi 4.

Cultural Relevance

Films that represent the audience’s cultural identity and values often fare well. Kabaddi 4 incorporated parts of Nepali culture, traditions, songs, and socioeconomic challenges. It was entirely shot in Nepal. So, it piqued viewers’ interest, resulting in repeat viewings and favorable word of mouth.

Word-of-Mouth and Positive Reviews

Though some critics claimed the movie not to be up to mark like the previous three movies, most of the crowds went crazy after seeing the movie. The name of this movie was in everybody’s head and mouth for many weeks after its release. So word-of-mouth and positive reviews helped Kabaddi 4 collect more than 20 crores at the box office.

Controversy before release of Kabaddi 4

Though controversies spread negativity, we cannot ignore that they help gain the actor or film more popularity. We all know the controversy of the leading actress, Miruna Magar regarding the inappropriate touch of a Tibetan Buddhist monk (lama) in public. After this controversy, those who were unaware of this movie also got to know about it.

At the end

In conclusion, the success of “Kabaddi 4: The Final Match” in becoming Nepal’s ultimate box office champion was a culmination of various factors that resonated deeply with audiences across the country. From its engaging storyline and songs that kept viewers hooked, to the stellar performances by Dayahang Rai, and Saugat Malla, and the good budget, Kabaddi 4 captured the hearts of Nepali moviegoers and shined at the box office collection.

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