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Unlocking Digital Payments in Nepal: Exploring Khalti App

In Nepal’s busy digital economy, Khalti shines bright as a leader in making sure everyone can access financial services. Since starting in January 2017, Khalti has quickly become a top choice for mobile wallets, payment options, and services in Nepal. It offers lots of things like paying bills, booking hotels, and even buying domestic flight tickets. Khalti makes online transactions easy and quick for everyone.

About Founder

The founders of Khalti have driven individuals with a passion for innovation and a strong commitment to making financial services accessible to all. Amit Agrawal, originally from Birgunj and studying at White House College, teamed up with Arbin Sah, Dhruva Adhikari, and Manish Modi, all studying at Pulchowk Engineering Campus in their third year of bachelor level. During their studies, Arbin, Dhruva, and Manish took internships at Nepal Telecom, where they gained valuable insights into the digital landscape. Together, fueled by their collective expertise and determination, they founded Khalti, propelling it to become a trusted name in online payments in Nepal.

History of Khalti

Khalti was founded in January 2017 with a vision to simplify digital payments and enhance financial inclusion in Nepal. In January 2017, during the CAN Info Tech fair in Kathmandu, the founders of Khalti struck a deal to advertise their app on the back of the event’s tickets. However, with only 20 days left until the fair, their Khalti app wasn’t fully ready. Despite the pressure, Amit Agrawal and his team didn’t panic. They worked tirelessly for 15 days straight, locked up in two rented rooms in Pulchok, Kathmandu, to finalize the app in time for the event.

Source: The Himalayan Times

Facing tough competition, particularly from the sector leader eSewa, posed a significant challenge to its growth. Unlike other digital wallets already connected with banks, Khalti had to link with numerous banks, development banks, and finance companies, which took around six months per institution. Despite these hurdles, Amit Agrawal and his team persevered, gradually overcoming challenges one by one. Today, Khalti boasts connections with most banks and has seen a remarkable increase in app downloads, thanks to their dedication and hard work.

In The End

With a hardworking team and leaders who dream big, they’re ready to keep changing how people pay online. Let us join Khalti in making Nepal’s future brighter and more inclusive. Together, we can make life easier by using digital wallets like the Khalti App.

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