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Trending Must Listen To Songs Of This Week

Welcome to this week’s musical journey! This week, we have come up with Trending Must Listen to Songs of This Week.

We may not be music experts, but we surely listen to your opinions and choices. Well, this is the world where music is a universal language.
So this column will help you keep up to date on the freshest and greatest tracks making waves in the Nepali music industry. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for a new favorite song, we’ve got you covered.
Join us as we explore the rhythms, words, and melodies kindling the world. So put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and explore the sounds defining this week’s musical landscape.

1 Ma Tira Farki Herana

Karan Bhatta is a true lover boy whose passionate lyrics touch deeply with his audience. His most recent song, “Ma Tira Farki Heyrana Na,” is the second most popular on YouTube. He mentions that the idea for ‘Ma Tira Farki Hera Na‘ came to him after a buddy told him a flirty narrative, instantly engaging him in that captivating vibe. After great anticipation, the day has finally arrived for the release of this musical gem.
‘Bhacha Vanthiyau Sadhai Vari,’ Karan’s most popular song. It is a heartfelt masterpiece that strikes the soul. His songwriting ability is impressive in and of itself, displaying his careful selection of words and feelings.

2 Dhani Bau Ko Chori

I’m perfectly aware that the title of this song may raise some eyebrows, and I must admit that it did for me at first. However, believe in the composition’s magic—the charming melody. The carefully selected words and the artistry of its writer, Hrittal Niraula. What appears to be a daring song at first blushes into a beautiful, charming melody that had me blushing a few times.
The lyrical music video accompanying this song is flawless, and the way the singer portrays his feelings, including the frustration of love, is flawless.
While Hrittal Niraula may not be the most prolific songwriter out there, I encourage you to go deeper into his creative universe by visiting his YouTube site.

3 Atteri

Sushan KC is an expert in the music industry, and his current release, ‘Atteri,’ is a heart-wrenching truth told through song. Sushan’s voice and lyrics have consistently left us in amazement with every note, and ‘Atteri’ is no exception to this pattern of perfection.

This song has continued attracting listeners for over two weeks as one of the most popular YouTube tracks. In Sushan’s words, ‘Atteri’ creates a web of emotions—longing, joy, and the limitless power of love. It is a moving musical proof of the strength and persistence of love, even while parted physically.
The music video for this song is a must-see, providing a further degree of complexity to the emotional trip it represents

4 Upahaar

Swopna Suman continues his charming ‘Wachha’ with another love story that feels like a genuine ‘Upahar’ (gift). Swopna Suman shows again his remarkable talent for writing heartfelt love songs. It frequently makes me wonder if his heart is fixed on love songs or if his actual love is music. Regardless, he’s already become my favorite ‘loving boy’ in the music industry.

What makes this release even more special is that such a beautiful music video is directed by none other than Swopna’s real-life partner, Jyotsna Yogi. It’s a charming and heartwarming touch that adds another dimension of magic to the production as a whole.

5 Fewataal

‘Fewtaal’ by Yabesh Thapa featuring DONG is another song that is sweeping the music landscape by storm and is a definite trending must-listen songs of the week. Yabesh Thapa’s flirty and mellow manner gives this tune an irresistible, adorable, and captivating vibe. We’ve seen it in hits like ‘Lakhau Hajarau,’ which still has a special place in my heart, and I have no doubt that this ‘Fewtaal’ spirit will stay with me for months to come. The pairing it with DONG has certainly lifted this song to a new level. Their synchronization on this piece is spectacular, making it a great musical treasure.


Now that you’ve explored these ‘Trending Must-Listen Songs of the Week,’ please keep in mind that this list may not include every musical genre or release from the last few weeks. We want you to contribute your own suggestions for must-listen tunes that we may have overlooked. After all, music is a massive and ever-evolving art form, with something new and thrilling to discover at every turn. Do let us know in the comment down below. 

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