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Top 7 Best Internet Service Provider In Nepal, 2023

The internet is undoubtedly one of the greatest wonders of the twentieth century. Let's talk about the best Internet Service Provider in Nepal.

The internet has become an essential means of communication in our daily lives. Linking us in various ways, from conducting business to seeking entertainment and engaging in digital social interactions. To be curious about the best Internet Service Provider in Nepal

As people begin to use various online features and services such as social media, streaming, e-commerce, online learning, and information sharing, there is a growing need in many Nepalese households for reliable broadband internet connections. 

With so many Internet service providers (Internet Service Providers) available in Nepal, choosing the ideal one for your needs might take time and effort. As a result, we have produced a list of the top Internet Service Providers in Nepal to assist you in making an informed decision.

1 Worldlink

Worldlink logo

Worldlink is Nepal’s largest Internet Service Provider, and it has been in operation since 1995. They provide internet access to families, businesses, SMEs, and enterprises. Worldlink has around 6,00,000 customers, which is a large quantity. 

The company offers a variety of residential options as well as high-speed connections up to 1 Gbps. Their 1 Gbps Photon pack is among the fastest in Nepal. According to users, the download speed is as advertised, the uptime is satisfactory, and the customer care is responsive. 

Worldlink provides a complete package to residential customers. This offer means they provide a single package of high-speed internet via FTTH, WiFi coverage, and TV service. In the case of television, NetTV is Worldlink’s TV service partner, and they also offer Movies on Demand. NetTV is an IPTV service offering OTT for the web and mobile. 

Check their internet package deal and see if it suits your service. 

2 Nepal Telecom

FTTH logo

A well-known government-supported firm in Nepal is Nepal Telecom, with the most mobile clients, using mobile data, and telephone network coverage. Their internet service and landline services reach regions that other companies may not.

Nepal Telecom has offers known as FTTH service with a 25 Mbps unlimited package for Rs800 per month, making it the most economical and cheapest internet service provider in Nepal

The NTC internet service is offered in nearly 77 districts in Nepal. As a long-time ADSL customer, I just switched to NTC’s FTTH service, which has shown to be one of Nepal’s most dependable and consistent internet service providers. It offers a 99% uptime rate and provides stable speeds. One of their biggest features is ‘Triple play,’ which allows consumers to connect to the phone, internet, and television on a one line.Check their internet package deal and see if it suits your service.

3 Classic tech

ClassicTech logo

Classic Tech has become a well-known internet service provider in Nepal, best known for its wireless internet. However, the company has since increased its offerings and is currently actively involved in the provision of FTTH connections. Classic Tech has a large corporate client base and an extensive fiber network across Kathmandu and beyond, making it a dependable provider.

Many Classictech customers have praised the company for its great internet connectivity and customer service. Despite rare issues, their service is generally dependable. For Nepali consumers, Classictech offers few types of services: home broadband and business broadband. Residential consumers can select from a variety of broadband service packages with speeds ranging from 225 Mbps to 1000 Mbps.

Classictech’s 1000 Mbps package is one of Nepal’s fastest internet providers. Corporate users have access to limitless bandwidth, however residential users may be subject to data caps or FUPs if they use the 1000 Mbps subscription.
Check their website to know more about their internet services.

4 Subisu

Subisu logo

A well-known Internet Service Provider which offers cable and FTTH Internet connection is Subisu. They are a well-known Internet Service Provider and one of Nepal’s main players. Since 2001, they have had over 200,000 customers and have been constantly growing. Subisu currently provides optical fiber internet and television. The organization’s services are organized into three categories. 

The first Internet Service Provider in Nepal providing over FTTH, the second is a standard residential package that includes internet and TV service, and the third is only TV. Subisu, like other businesses, offers enterprise services. Subisu Cablenet. provides dedicated connections, Intranet, SME packages, disaster recovery, secure Data Centers, enterprise VPN connectivity, IPLC services, and Cloud Services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Initially, the company received favorable client feedback; however, complaints were made at peak hours, like with other enterprises. People have expressed worries regarding inefficiency, outages, and other issues. Some people get great service, while others don’t. Aside from that, their tariff and package are rather reasonable.

Check their websites to know more about their internet package deals.

5 Vianet

Vianet logo

Vianet is one of Nepal’s most well-known Internet Service Providers. They are renowned for being the first ISP company to provide speedy internet access to home consumers via optical fibre. The company also offers internet access to SMEs through SOHO plans and businesses through customized programs. 

Their reach and coverage spread significantly outside the Kathmandu Valley and into neighbouring areas. 

In the present context, Vianet’s service is unique. Every firm nowadays is either high in price or low on speed war, but Vianet pushed it to the next level by providing the cheapest internet services in Nepal. Vianet Communication has many internet packages for home and business users. They also have ViaTV for the television, with YouTube integration, channel rewind, Shemaroo service, and Movies On Demand.
Check their home plan and XGS extreme deal. See which of them is best for your service.

6 Dish Media

Dish home logo

DishHome was launched in 2010 by combining Home TV and Dish Nepal. The organization is well-known for offering TV service via satellite dish. Because of its technology and method, Dish Home has a large reach. DishHome employs satellite dishes instead of coaxial fibre, as most service providers do. As a result, the company reached rural areas in Nepal.

Renters can also purchase their dish or set-top box and carry their connection with them wherever they go. It is one of the most popular TV services in the hills and the Himalayas. DishHome Fibernet was released in 2020, following the growth of the internet market. 

The company itself is young, as is its internet service. However, their reputation, branding, marketing, and network reach help their users grow. DH Fibernet also offers a variety of internet package deals for household users. They also offer dedicated TV, internet with FiberNet, and IPTV Combo service.Check their internet deals and choose the suitable plan for you

7 CG Net

CG NET logo

When it comes to fast and cheap internet in Nepal, everyone knows about CG. Chaudhary Group launched their internet service, CG Net, in 2021, and it caused a bit of excitement in the market. For the first time, the firm or CG Net offered a 120 Mbps unlimited subscription to subscribers for Rs 999.

 It was the first firm in Nepal to offer internet speeds of more than 100 Mbps. No company was doing that in 2021, but when CG began the service and grew, all companies reacted with an immediate response and modified their plans. NTA even had to remind Internet Service Providers to play fair and send updates to authorities for approval of new pricing and speeds.

The company is expanding in Kathmandu and all over Nepal. The business is developing its own IPTV platform with OTT service for television. For the IPTV service, CG is collaborating with Airtel IQ Video. People in Nepal require both TV and internet combo packages. As a result, businesses must offer a suitable combined service plan.

Check their internet deals and choose the suitable plan for you.

Final Thoughts

As you have come along this far, now you know some of Nepal’s best Internet service providers. Check out their website if you want new internet services or an upgrade. But they are the best of the best Internet service providers in Nepal. You can go no wrong. For more information, you can visit our website or comment down what type of article you would like next.

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