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Top 5 Nepali Youtubers You Should Follow In 2023

Thanks to the rise of Nepali content creators, these top 5 Nepali Youtubers you should know in 2023 are something to look for.

YouTube has become a center for entertaining and interesting information. These gifted individuals have gained popularity and acclaim for their wide range of topics. Their topics include technology, satire, travel, and social criticism. These Nepali YouTubers have emerged as significant characters. As they are bridging the gap with their relevant, informative, and niche content relative to regular news media channels. Their channels provide a unique viewpoint, catching the attention of viewers looking for entertaining and educational experiences. As we go in this post, we give a list of the top 5 Nepali YouTubers you should know in 2023 whose material is worth not just viewing but also following. Prepare to be inspired, delighted, and enlightened. As we journey into the worlds of these extraordinary innovators.

1 Ideapreneur Nepal

YouTube video

Ideapreneur Nepal, with over 267K subscribers, is establishing himself as a popular Nepali YouTuber. The channel, which will be launched in June 2020, is motivated by the noble goal of increasing financial literacy among Nepalis. Ideapreneur Nepal keeps its audience informed and empowered by producing instructional videos about finance, economics, and entrepreneurship. With 65 videos to date, the channel’s fascinating content is gaining a sizable following. Ideapreneur Nepal continues to make a significant impact on the lives of its audience by giving vital insights and encouraging financial awareness.

2 Sushant Pradhan

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In February 2014, Sushant Pradhan, a well-known content creator, began his YouTube experience. He has found the world of podcasts, with an amazing subscriber base of over 118K. Pradhan’s focus has been on engaging a varied array of individuals from Nepali society, including politics, music, sports, education, health, entertainment, and culture, to engage in educational debates. He builds a committement following with his long-form work, confirming his place as one of Nepal’s finest and popular Nepali YouTubers today.

3 The Nepali Comment

YouTube video

The Nepali Comment is growing an amazing following of over 144K followers, firmly establishing it as one of the top Nepali YouTubers. The channel, which began in March 2020, focuses on current events, history, and worldviews, providing in-depth examination of pertinent issues. What distinguishes it is its dedication to thorough research and exciting graphics that successfully transmit information to its audience. The Nepali Comment captivates viewers with each video by delivering insightful viewpoints and interesting information, solidifying its position as a reliable source of knowledge and understanding in the Nepali YouTube community.

4 Zunu Y

YouTube video

Due to the unique and engaging nature of her creations, Zunu Y has a significant audience of over 155K subscribers. The content producer joined the platform in March 2021, and an incredible subscriber count of over 155K has already been set up. Zunu Y tells true crime stories from around the world in Nepali, creating a gripping and engaging experience for viewers. Zunu Y’s popularity in the Nepali YouTube community has grown, as her ability for storytelling continues to fascinate and leave the audience hungry for more fascinating criminal stories.

5 BT Kancha

YouTube video

With over 262K followers, the popular YouTube channel BT Kancha has a large following. This Nepali YouTuber has created around 117 videos since joining the platform in February 2014. He is well-known for his amusing and entertaining satires on both new and old Nepali films. His witty evaluations distinguish him and effectively engage his audience. It should be mentioned, however, that due to the inclusion of explicit language in his movies, some caution may be required when watching them. BT Kancha’s unique approach and comic style have cemented his status as a beloved character in the Nepali YouTube community, attracting and entertaining viewers.


In conclusion, the world of Nepali YouTube video creators is booming with originality, diversity, and innovation. These top 5 Nepali YouTubers are out to be discovered, grabbing viewers’ hearts and minds with thought-provoking and amusing content. From technology to satire, travel to social commentary. These contents have filled a hole in the media environment by providing timely and important insights. Their channels have become go-to places for new and entertaining material as they demonstrate the potential of digital platforms to engage audiences. As their fame grows, we can expect even more intriguing and inspiring content from these Nepali YouTubers. So, stay tuned and become a part of the vibrant and ever-changing world of Nepali content creators on YouTube.

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