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Thrifting: The Trendy and Sustainable Way to Shop

You must have heard of the term thrifting or thrift shopping. If not, then let me explain it to you: it means buying second-hand goods. It can include clothes, furniture, bags, etc. Thrift stores, are gaining popularity around the world, as well as in Nepal. The new generation is more interested into it because of the trend that has been followed by the world.

Why is thrift store shopping necessary?

By thrifting, you will take a big step for our planet, and it will help you live a sustainable life. Clothes take so much time and energy to produce and take years to break down in the soil. By doing it you will help the environment and our planet. Many people think that one can only thrift clothes because many thrift stores sell clothes, but we can also get other things too; you just need to find the store. 

Tips for thrifting

If you are a beginner, then you must follow these few rules before starting your thrifting journey.

  • Buy what you need: Always buy what you need, not what you want. To make shopping easy, just make a list of the items you really need.
  • Check your items: Make sure to thoroughly check your items before you buy anything. The items are second-hand, so there will be chances that they might be damaged.
  • Clear your things: Before adding new stuff to your house, make sure you remove some too.
  • Explore before buying: Make sure to visit as many thrift stores as you can before buying anything. Because you might get a better option. 
  • DIY: Sometimes you might need to give some touch-ups to the items that you have brought because they are second-hand.

In Conclusion

To live more sustainably and to cut down on waste, it is the practice of purchasing used items like furniture and clothing. People all across the world, including Nepal, are becoming more aware of its advantages for the environment. Newbies should clean up first, then go to a thrift shops, only buy what they really need, and be ready to do some DIY fixes. Thrifting is more than simply shopping; it’s an opportunity to locate one-of-a-kind finds at reasonable costs and contribute to a better environment.

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