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The Ultimate ‘Friends’ Trivia Quiz

The popular TV show ‘Friends’ is a source of entertainment for many. Many of us binge-watch the show as background noise. Even if you are not a die-hard fan of Friends, you may have watched this comedy sitcom at least once.
This gorgeous entertainment has kept the sarcasm and comedy alive for a decade. We have prepared the ultimate Friends trivia quiz for you and your friends who watch Friends. Do try it if you are fond of the 6 main characters in the show. So, let’s begin.

What did Joey gift Chandle as a symbol of their friendship?

A Watch

A Banana

A Bracelet

A Pizza

Where did Ross and Rachel go on their first date?

The Empire State Building

Ross’s Museum

Central Perk

The cinema hall

Monica organizes her towels into several categories. But how many?





How many hours of Friends episodes are there to watch?

73 and a bit

84 and a bit

90 and a bit

112 exactly

Chandler and Joey had two pets. What were they called?

Don and Ivana

Brian and Larry

Walter and Sergio

Chick Jr. and Duck Jr.

Chandler and Ross were in a band while they were at college. Can you remember the band’s name?

Flock of Birds

Wyld Stallyns

Way, No Way

Mosh Bros

Who was the youngest person in the Friends gang?





Apart from untidiness, what annoys Monica the most?

Koalas in the zoo

Microwave Popcorn

Canned Soup

Animals dressed like a human

Phoebe dated a scientist called David. In which Belarus city did he work?





When the Friends gang went to London for Ross’s wedding, which royal family member did they bump into?

Prince William

Princess Anne

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson

The Queen Elizabeth

Monica dated a millionaire for a while. What was his name?

Paul Becker

Jake Becker

Pete Becker

Boris Becker

What was the name of Joey’s childhood imaginary friend?






Could the quiz be any better? Did you enjoy it? How difficult were the questions? Let us know your thoughts on the comment so that we can come up with similar trivia to entertain you guys. I hope this is the ultimate Friends trivia quiz and that it was not so challenging for you. We hope this quiz will reach the top Friends superfan. Make sure to share it with them.

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