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The Story Behind Jeevee

Jeevee Nepal is an e-commerce store that offers affordable healthcare, beauty, and baby products all across Nepal. Jeevee has become a household name in the years following the COVID-19 pandemic. With its incredibly successful services, it has been meeting the public’s needs since the year 2019. The story behind Jeevee is a huge inspiration for people who want to establish their own start-up business.

The Idea

Mr. Aabhushan Jyoti Kansakar founded the app Jeevee. He came to the realization that technology was far more important to him than he had ever imagined in every area of his life. 

With technology, everything appeared doable and a lot simpler. But when it came to his health, he was unable to accomplish any of them. He was unable to locate a physician or service online, nor was there adequate information available to him. Furthermore, neither his medical data nor the information about available emergency beds were online or mobile-friendly. He discovered that obtaining medications online was inconvenient and that he was unable to schedule an ambulance online either.

He therefore made the decision to address these issues in the healthcare sector in April 2019. Jeevee was therefore introduced in November 2019, and thus began its story.

The Growth

After less than 4 months of development beginning in July, Jeevee was released relatively quickly. At first, it moved slowly as they learned more and made improvements to the app based on a lot of user input and reviews. Because humans are habitual beings, not many people initially used their service. Several milestones have been reached after extensive marketing and education about their services. According to Mr. Kansakar, facing resistance from the market and competitors is nothing new and is a normal aspect of being an entrepreneur.

About Jeevee

Jeevee is an entirely Nepalese-driven technology company that aims to bring about change in the nation, in contrast to the majority of businesses that outsource their development to China, India, or other nations. With a robust tech and R&D team, they are fundamentally a technology corporation. They have devoted a significant amount of time and money to research and development. Their mission is to use cutting-edge research and development to effectively solve and streamline the challenges of their clients.

Through Jeevee, users can get access to a remarkable number of highly qualified medical professionals on staff who have been accredited by the Nepal Medical Council. They also have a  pharmacy where you can get all of your prescription drugs and other health products at a discount with free local delivery in the Kathmandu Valley. Every day, Jeevee typically delivers to about 210 clients, meeting their medical needs in the process. 

The Principal Attributes of Jeevee

  1. One Stop Shop 

In order to meet the complete daily needs of customers and infants, Jeevee has expanded its business to become the best health, baby, and beauty store.

  1. Authentic Products Only

Before obtaining products for their store from approved wholesalers and brands, their team of devoted individuals ensures that the products are authentic and of high quality.

  1. The Initial Semi-Automated Fulfillment Center in Nepal

In order to better meet the needs of all of its customers and expand its market reach, Jeevee has redesigned its 15,800 square foot fulfillment facility, where a crew works around the clock to deliver 90% of orders on time.

  1. Totally In-House

Jeevee provides all human resources located locally and is motivated to effect change in standards of society with the flexibility of online shopping.

The Availability

For smartphone users, the Jeevee app is accessible in the Play Store. Thanks to aggressive digital marketing, it has over 80,000 active users and over 2 lakh app downloads. If their growth continues with the same flow, we can surely state that the story of Jeevee has just begun. 

Logo of Jeevee on Playstore
Logo of Jeevee on Playstore
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