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The Petroleum Tanker Drivers Strike

On Sunday, June 16, 2024, the Petroleum Tanker Drivers Association orchestrated a strike. This has severely impacted the supply of petroleum products in Kathmandu. However, they have now ceased their protest after coming to a four-point agreement with the Nepal Oil Corporation today. The petroleum products are now available.

Implications of the petroleum tanker drivers strike
Implications of the petroleum tanker drivers strike

A government-appointed negotiating team headed by Secretary of Commerce and Supplies Dinesh Kumar Ghimire engaged in discussions with the opposition and came to an agreement to establish a subcommittee to handle the concerns of the organization. The agreement states that the subcommittee, under the direction of the NOC’s Deputy Managing Director, must present its findings in 15 days. Additionally, the petroleum dealers have promised to pay tanker drivers, assistants, and other staff according to the Nepal Oil Corporation’s policies and to provide them with additional benefits. 

With the presentation of a seven-point demand on Sunday, the tanker drivers started their protest. 

  1. They want appointment letters for all drivers and co-drivers in accordance with the Labor Act.
  2. Wage agreements set forth by the Nepali government
  3. The cancellation of two bank guarantees 
  4. Yearly renewals for independent contractors
  5. Appropriate temperature control
  6. Enrollment in the social security fund
  7. Risk allowances

The Impact

The public was overcrowded as a result of the strike. At midday, you could see the long queue of people waiting for petroleum goods at the Bhadrakali Petrol Pump. ‘No petrol’ signs were seen on many private sector pumps, and the only gas and diesel stations were those run by the government. The public is greatly relieved that the petroleum truck driver strike has ended.

Public waiting in line at the petrol station
Public waiting in line at the petrol station

In Conclusion

Following a four-point deal with the Nepal Oil Corporation, the petroleum tanker drivers strike that started in Kathmandu on June 16, 2024, has come to a conclusion. The restart of the gasoline supply following an extreme shortage caused by the strike has been a relief to the public. Tell us your thoughts on this in the comments.

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