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The Parking Ban on New Road

Starting on Tuesday, KMC has made a decision to impose a parking ban on the roadside parking in the New Road section of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. The city office claims that the choice was made to facilitate traffic flow in the crowded marketplace.

Actions Taken

KMC has removed the vehicles parked in the New Road vicinity this morning. The city officials made the decision to forbid car parking in the New Road, according to KMC Police Chief Raju Nath Pandey, to facilitate pedestrian traffic and reduce crowding. This morning, the KMC specifically cleaned the area where they forbade parking.

No parking sign as seen in New Road
No parking sign as seen in New Road

The Protest of Traders

After the Kathmandu Metropolitan City forbade parking in the New Road area, the traders and business owners complained. In protest, the business owners in the vicinity closed all of their storefronts when the KMC declared that there would be “no parking area” starting today. People parked cars in the vicinity of New Road earlier.

The KMC’s decision to remove parking in this sudden way has caused problems for business owners in the New Road region. This is according to Kumar Karki, the chairperson of the Nepal National Federation of Entrepreneurs.

The Alternative

The city office plans to set up free parking area for 300 four-wheelers and 700 two-wheelers at the Kathmandu Tower. This is currently under development, according to the city office.

What do you think about Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s decision to ban parking on New Road?

This is an excellent step, now people can shop with ease.

The step is unfair for the traders, as this might affect their business.

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