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The NYFN-Durga Prasai Protests

The NYFN-Durga Prasai protests are happening on the streets of Tinkune and Balkhu respectively today. The National Youth Federation Nepal, the youth wing of the CPN-UML, and the Rastra, Rastriyata, Dharma-Sanskriti, and Nagarik Bachau Andolan, led by Durga Prasai, a citizen’s movement for the preservation of nation, nationalism, religion, and culture, have announced that they will hold a one-day power demonstration on November 23. The government is on edge. This is due to concerns about a potential conflict between Mahesh Basnet and Durga Prasai following their announcement.

The Rift

Prasai had a close relationship with UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli for a few years. However, that did not last long. Their relationship’s resentment, which began at the beginning of the year, has reached unprecedented levels. Prasai has been going after the UML and its leader Oli, saying that the party chief has investments in Cambodia and has amassed property valued at billions of rupees overseas.

Oli shot down the claim and challenged him to show the evidence. The UML’s Youth Association Nepal (YAN) doused Prasai in black soot on October 9.

Mahesh Basnet was questioned about why the UML protest was taking place on the same day as Durga Prasai’s protest. He responded that the UML youth wing had planned the protest two months in advance.

The Causes

The announcement of Durga Prasai’s protest is with the cause to restore Hindu nationalism and monarchy. The “Peaceful Civil Liberation Movement” is scheduled to begin on November 23, which is today. This is according to a statement released on behalf of his group on November 19. Prasai has invited activists, Hindu organizations, and even Nepalis residing overseas to take part in the protest. 

Durga Prasai at a rally
Durga Prasai at a rally

Simultaneously, the UML youth wing has declared its intention to hold a protest against corruption. This is the party’s platform, according to UML president KP Sharma Oli, who stated this on Saturday.

Nature of the Protests

According to Prasai, this would be the biggest public demonstration. Apart from vigorously advocating on social media, Prasai and his associates are presently conducting rehearsals throughout the nation. These areas include Jhapa and Janakpur.

However, the UML party has declared that the demonstration will be nonviolent and completely compliant with the laws put in place by the government. Speaking at the coordination mechanism meeting, Oli instructed party cadres and adherents to exercise patience. He also intstructed them to stay out of the restricted area, and take any alternate routes that the authorities may decide to establish.

Mahesh Basnet
Mahesh Basnet at a press conference

Areas of Protest

Although both sides had initially stated that they would hold a program at Maitighar Mandala, the District Administration Office in Kathmandu had other ideas. Jitendra Basnet, The Chief District Officer of Kathmandu feared a confrontation. He thus banned protests from taking place in the Maitighar and Baneshwor areas for a month. 

As a result, the NYFN-Durga Prasai protests are being held at different locations. Jitendra Basnet stated that concurrent events by two parties in Kathmandu at the same location, time, and date would not be approved. He added that Maitighar Mandala would be off-limits. They were advised to choose alternative locations instead, like Tinkune, Machhapokhari, and Narayanchaur. In the end, the youth wing headed by Mahesh Basnet chose Tinkune for its program, and Durga’s group selected Balkhu. 


The Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office has asked that people only bring their cars out on the roads for urgent work. We ask that you all be cautious and stay safe.

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