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The History of Cricket World Cup

One of the prestigious tournaments, the Cricket World Cup, is something we all look forward to taking place. But how many of us know the history of the Cricket World Cup?
The eagerly anticipated 13th edition is happening, with India, a two-time champion, serving as the host nation. This edition took place from October 5 to November 19. It featured ten challenging teams competing for the ultimate prize in one-day international (ODI) cricket. Let us look at the history of the Cricket World Cup.

The History

The Cricket World Cup was first played in 1975, a significant moment in the history of cricket. After that, merely four years later, the first-ever one-day international cricket match took place, and the cricketing world is still adapting to this new format.

Initially, they played cricket in a different way than we see today. In those early World Cups, each team got 60 turns to bat and bowl, and players wore traditional white clothing. The cricket balls were red, just like you might see in a regular cricket match. At the very first World Cup, there were eight teams invited to this cricket festival. These teams included big cricketing nations like India, England, and Australia. Sri Lanka was also part of the game. To make things even more exciting, they invited a team called “East Africa,” which was a mix of players from different countries in Africa.

As time went on, the Cricket World Cup travelled to new places. In 1987, India and Pakistan hosted the tournament. This tournament was special because it was the first time the Cricket World Cup took place outside England. During this World Cup, they reduced the number of turns for each team to 50, making the games a bit shorter. The real change came in 1992 when Australia and New Zealand hosted the Cricket World Cup.

They made it much more colourful and exciting. Players started wearing different coloured clothing, like in other sports. Instead of the red balls, they used white ones, which made it easier for players and fans to see during night games. These night games became a regular part of the World Cup.

They also added some new rules to keep the games interesting. During this World Cup, South Africa joined the party after being away for a long time. South Africa got banned from international cricket because of their country’s political issues. But they were back, and it was a big deal. This case meant there were nine teams in the World Cup.


The Cricket World Cup has come a long way since 1975, growing into a global celebration of cricket. It’s seen great teams over the years. The tournament keeps changing and getting better with new rules and exciting improvements. India is hosting the 13th edition in 2023, and it will surely showcase top cricket talent and a celebration of the sport that brings people from all over the world together.

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