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The Fearless Captain: Sita Rana Magar

The world of sports has excellent opportunities for people to show their abilities, passions, and hard work. The fearless captain: Sita Rana Magar is one of a kind.

The world of sports has always provided excellent opportunities for people to show their abilities, passions, and hard work. The Team, led by the fearless captain: Sita Rana Magar , worked together to achieve this victory. Let’s know more about this extraordinary captain Sita Rana Magar.

Sita Rana Magar

Sita Rana Magar

Name: Sita Rana Magar

Age: 31yrs

Batting style: Left-Hand bat 

Bowling- Style: Left-arm fast-medium

Playing role: All-rounder

Team: Nepal APF Club Women

The Beginning

The fearless captain: Sita Rana Magar grew up in Nepalgunj, a small town in the Terai plains’ Banke District. She was active and involved in sports at school from an early age. She stood out among her classmates because of her natural athletic ability and competitive spirit, and it soon became clear that she had a talent for sports.

Football was initially Magar’s preferred activity. When women’s cricket was brought to Nepal at the age of 13, her life took an unexpected turn. Magar’s teachers noticed her athletic potential and pushed her to pursue it. Her left-handedness would give her a special edge in the game, ahowever it was far for Magar to become interested.

The Rise of the Champion

 Magar came a long way from the football player she wanted to be since she was young. She had made her international cricket début for the Nepali women’s national cricket team, and she had since proven to be an important team player. Even after participating in international competitions, she did not have the same passion for cricket as football.

Magar didn’t treat cricket seriously until she was a member of Nepal’s 2008 and 2010 ACC U-19 Women’s Championship-winning teams. Her talent and commitment to the sport had paid off, and she had gone on to compete in several major competitions, including the 2012 ACC Women’s Twenty20 Asia Cup and the 2010 Asian Games.

Sita Rana Magar celebrating her first wicket of the Fairbreak Invitational

Magar was chosen to participate in the 2014 ACC Women’s Premier 40-over-a-side competition in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She had hit an impressive 72 from 94 balls and taken 4/5 in Nepal’s opening encounter of the competition against Iran. She had been called player of the match, and thanks to her outstanding work, Nepal triumphed by a huge margin of 221 runs.

Her score was the highest for Nepal’s female players, and her 10 fours were the most achieved by a single player for the Team in innings. The Team’s final score of 284/6 and its winning margin were records for an ACC women’s championship. Magar’s dedication paid off, and at the 2019 ICC Women’s Qualifier Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, The fearless captain: Sita Rana Magar won the title of player of the tournament.

The Life of Hustler

Magar continued to work her regular employment. She serves as a police officer for the Armed Police Force (APF) of Nepal, which has over 500 athletes from different disciplines on staff. The APF prioritizes sports but also wants its staff to pay attention to national security when necessary. Magar had moved remarkably from a young football enthusiast in Nepalgunj to a gifted and devoted cricketer and police officer. 


The fearless captain: Sita Rana Magar ‘s journey from a teenage football lover in Nepalgunj to a brilliant and devoted cricketer and police officer is an amazing story of dedication, continuous effort, and talent. Magar’s passion and commitment to the sport have always paid off.

 Young Nepalese girls who want to defy gender stereotypes and pursue their dreams in any profession should look up to Magar as a role model. She is not just her success on the cricket field but also her remarkable life narrative.

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