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Tattoo as a Reflection of Personal Identity

Tattoos are more than simply an ink painting on your flesh; they are a representation of who you truly are and may reveal a lot about you to others. It is up to you to decide on what you want and how you want it to look. Different tattoos have different meanings. Thus, there are ten of them with their correspond to their means.

10 tattoos and their meaning

1 Medusa tattoo

The Greek mythology surrounding Medusa has made Medusa Tattoo renowned. Athena, the virgin goddess of war and knowledge, had a priestess named Medusa. Being a virgin and dedicating their life to Athena is one essential requirement for becoming a priestess of the goddess. The sea god Poseidon (also known as Neptune), Athena’s rival, felt captivated by Medusa when he first saw her. But Medusa, the goddess’ devoted priestess, turned him down. He made the decision to sexually assault the priestess on Athena’s temple steps in order to degrade Athena. Then Poseidon left, leaving Medusa defenseless and helpless. Among the numerous things this tattoo stands for the strength and power of women. This portrayal of Medusa suggests that the individual who received it was abused and has now gained power.

2 Butterfly tattoo


Similar to Medusa, butterfly tattoos also have several meanings, but the most well-known one is that of freedom and a fresh start. This is symbolised by the caterpillars’ self-sealing, breaking of the cocoon, and subsequent appearance of the butterfly. Butterflies are considered to be happy and free creatures. It indicates that the butterfly has finally emerged from its cocoon and can freely fly around the world.

3 Dragon tattoo

Many tribes all across the world have myths about dragons in their mythology. Throughout history, dragons have been both feared and loved. Typically, they are portrayed as huge, reptilian creatures with scales, wings, and the capacity to spew fire. Additionally, a dragon is a legendary animal that may symbolize a variety of ideas. Dragon tattoo meanings vary depending on the place. In Chinese culture, it stands for longevity and fortune, and in Japanese culture, it symbolises power and knowledge.

4 Angel Tattoo

Indeed, across several religions, including Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, people mention angels as heavenly creatures. They regard angels as God’s servants, messengers, and guards. Moreover, angels are depicted with wings and a variety of characteristics across cultures, signifying protection, direction, and divine intervention. The most popular interpretations of angel tattoos are spirituality, protection, freedom, and a stronger relationship with God. However, there are other meanings, just like with the other tattoos.

5 Eye tattoo

Without eyes, it is impossible to see; sometimes, people refer to the eyes as the “windows to the soul.” They work well for building rapport, communicating emotions, and promoting dialogue. Eyes are not only organs for observing the outer world; they are also a window into one’s inner self. The eye tattoo stands for perspective, vision, and awareness about spirituality.

6 Dove Tattoo

In numerous cultures across the world, doves stand for purity, love, and peace. They are released during some weddings and are a worldwide sign of harmony and hope. Associated with the Holy Spirit in Christianity and goddesses of love in mythology. A dove tattoo represents victory, God’s will, love, and peace. 

7 Knife tattoo

The knife cuts through materials and histories with its sharp edge, acting as a tool as much as a weapon. Knife tattoos represent strength, selflessness, power, and inner strength. However, in many instances, it might simply symbolise a chief’s love, passion, and respect for their profession.

8 Feather tattoo

As the feather travels through infinite space, it carries dreams and secrets with it, akin to a delicate whisper gliding on gentle currents through the sky’s tapestry. The feather, which is light, free, and able to travel wherever, is a symbol of freedom, a spirit of adventure, and reaching new heights.

9 Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas have their origins in several spiritual and religious traditions, such as Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. Mandala tattoos are a symbol for creativity, spirituality, and sacredness.

10 Moon Tattoo

Tattoos of the moon may have many different meanings for different people. People most often express meanings such as femininity, goddess energy, the cycle of life and renewal, and a connection to nature.


Tattoos, indeed, are timeless representations of one’s cultural history and self-expression. They hold layers of significance that profoundly connect with people. Consequently, let’s continue honoring the variety of tattoo culture as a medium for narrative, self-expression, and connection with others.

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