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Tharu Food: Discover the Rich and Unique Food

Nepal is a diverse country and has different cuisines that are full of flavours. One of the communities that is famous for its food is the Tharu community. Their seafood is famous throughout the country, but they have more to share than just the seafood. There are some amazing foods you must try.

1 Bhakka


Tharu people make the popular dish Bhakka by steaming rice flour into cylindrical or round cakes. They usually prepare it with freshly harvested rice flour, giving it a slightly sweet flavor. Bhakka is versatile and enjoyable at any time of the day because it’s easy to prepare—you simply need to make a paste of rice flour and steam it. Most people eat it with achar.

2 Ghonghi


Ghonghi is a delicacy of the Tharu community. Ghonghi is basically mud-water snails that can be found in paddy fields or local streams and cooked with local spices. For some, it might be something new to eat, but it is full of flavours. It is a dish that is healthy and nutritious. 

3 Dhikri


Dhikri is a special dish of the Tharu community. People make Dhikri using rice flour, which allows them to shape it into any desired form. Its uniqueness stems from steaming it in an earthen pot. People enjoy Dhikri during the Maghe Sankranti Festival, typically pairing it with lentil soup, achar, or chutney. It can be like a steamed rice cake. 

4 Sidhara


Sidhara is a combination of fish, taro,Colocasia stem, turmeric, garlic, radish, and chillies. Sidhara is then shaped into the shape of a pancake and sun-dried. It is one of the delicacies of the Tharu Food. It has a slight bitter taste to it, but it is still enjoyed by people. Sidhara is eaten with soup or curry. 

5 Pakuwa


Pakuwa is basically BBQ meat, or, to be more precise, pork or wild boar meat. If you are a meat lover, then you have to try this because it is way too different from what we normally have in Kathmandu. The secret to Pakuwa tasting so good lies in marinating it with local spices.

6 Gulgula


The Tharu population in Nepal is particularly fond of gulgula, a sweet snack. Combine cardamom, fennel, sugar, yogurt, and flour to create a batter for these tiny, circular fritters. Deep-fry them until the outside becomes crispy and golden brown while the interior remains tender. They’re a favourite during festivals and festivities when consumed hot.

7 Bagiya


The Tharu people of Nepal have a traditional snack called bagiya. Combine rice flour, lentils, and spices to make these pan-fried dumplings. People eat them as a snack at tea time and festivals, often pairing them with chutneys. People also enjoy it during Tihar and other festivals. it is the best Tharu food

8 Parawak Sikar


Parawak Sikar is a dish that might not be well-known in other parts of the country and might not suit your taste. It involves serving pigeon meat fried, roasted, or in curry form. If you are always ready to try something new or if you want to try pigeon meat, then give Parawak Sikar a try. 

9 Anandi Rice or Chichar


People eat Anandi rice, a sticky rice, on special occasions. Anandi rice originates from the western region of Nepal. There are different recipes to eat the rice, and people also use this rice in Aandik jhor or jaar (liquor). It is one of the famous Tharu food.

10 Jhingiya Machhari or Jhinga Maccha


The majority of Tharus people live close to rivers, marshes, and flooded plains. So most of the dishes are seafood, like this one. Jhingiya Machhari, or Jhinga Maccha, is basically freshwater shrimp that are cooked with the local spices. If you like seafood or shrimp, then you must give it a try.

In Conclusion

Beyond seafood, the Tharu population in Nepal offers a wide variety of cuisine options, including Bagiya, Parawak Sikar, Bhakka, Ghonghi, Dhikri, Sidhara, Pakuwa, Gulgula, and Jhingiya Machhari. The fusion of regional ingredients and traditional flavours in these meals encourages investigation and appreciation of Nepal’s many culinary traditions.

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