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Strengthening Health Systems for Better Health

When the government of Nepal, in 2015, went from a unitary to a federal system. This national system led to the creation of seven new provincial governments and 753 local governments. With the local government in power, it made it easier for small investors to make progress on the health system. In this way to make the health system better in Nepal. The team from the UK is hosting a National Forum on post-Federalisation Health System Strengthening on 9 and 10 January 2024 at the Yak and Yeti Hotel in Kathmandu. Let’s look at the highlights of how a UK-based project is taking part in strengthening Health Systems for Better Health.

Project Partnership

This project is a partnership between academics based in Nepal and the UK. The project is funded by the UK Health Systems Research Initiative (HSRI). A research team, co-led by Professor Simon Rushton from the University of Sheffield, UK, and Professor Julie Balen from Canterbury Christ Church University, UK, are now approaching the final stages of the project. This final stage includes hosting a National Forum with political and health system stakeholders from across all levels of the Nepali government.

Project and Media representatives

Agenda of the Research team

Participants in the National Forum team have specific objectives to address throughout two days. The participants will collaborate with the research team to propose practical steps. These steps are to address the research’s five priority areas, which are as follows:

  1. Building capacities for health system planning and management, especially at local and provincial levels
  2. Improving the management, development, and retention of human resources for health
  3. Enhancing coordination and communication between different levels of government
  4. Collecting, sharing, and utilizing high-quality data to inform decision-making
  5. Making and implementing new legislation and regulations that are in line with the Constitution and new policies.

Future through Experts

Dr. Jiban Karki (PHASE Nepal), one of the experts on the project, observes that as Nepal recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, “now is the time to capitalize on the strengths of federalism and reduce its unintended negative consequences.” This project will be essential to achieve the full potential of this major policy shift. 

Prof. Sujan Marahatta from Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences highlights: “The devolution of power, the adoption of new health policies, and increased resources in health are ongoing opportunities to strengthen Nepal’s health system in the medium and long term.” The research team continues to work with stakeholders from all levels of government over the next year to support the country in addressing these issues.

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