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Social Work Day

What is social work day? Why is it necessary for in our society? Today, on March 19th, a global association of social workers actively promotes best practices in social work. Let’s look into the meaning of social work and share what kind of ideas we share with social workers in our society.

What is Social Work?

Social work is an applied profession that creates social change, development, community unity, and individual and collective empowerment. Understanding human growth and behavior, as well as social, economic, and cultural structures and relationships, is central to social work. Social workers have made major contributions to society by working with families and institutions in areas.

Today, the Global Association of Social Workers promotes campaigning for social justice, human rights, and development, recognizing social workers’ selfless efforts and dedication. Social workers serve multiple roles in our communities, evaluating the needs and challenges of their clients and the community. As representatives, they raise awareness of their clients’ needs, gain resources to improve their quality of life, and educate others on emergency protocols. Furthermore, social workers are attentive to disasters.

what is social work?


The International Federation of Social Workers promotes World Social Work Day. Since 1983, the Federation, a global non-governmental association, has been collaborating with other organizations to encourage international collaboration and recognize the accomplishments and efforts of social workers around the globe. Each year, the group focuses on a particular theme. I Am Because We Are. Some of the themes over the years have included strengthening social solidarity and global connectivity (2021), promoting the importance of human relationships (2020), promoting community and environmental sustainability (2017), and promoting people’s dignity and worth (2015).

This year’s theme

This year’s theme, ‘Buen Vivir: Shared Future for Transformative Change,’ is based on the Global Agenda and emphasizes the need for social workers to begin creative, community-led initiatives fixed in indigenous wisdom and harmonious coexistence with the environment.

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