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Should Nepal release movies on Netflix?

“What’s your plan this weekend?” “Nothing, just staying at home and streaming something on Netflix.” Sounds like a familiar conversation? As of 2023, Netflix has about 240 million subscribers all over the world. In today’s world, Netflix is not only a streaming platform, but a daily routine for more than 240 million people. Are you also one of those 240 million or are you amongst those who stream the movies on pirated sites? If you belong to Nepal, you probably are the latter. No matter which one you are, you might be aware that Netflix doesn’t have Nepali content at all. In this article, we’re going to explore the reason for that and also try to analyze if Nepal should release movies on Netflix.

Making movies is a business. Netflix is also a business. Both want to generate revenue and make profits as much as possible. So, to answer the question if Nepal should release movies on Netflix, let’s view it from two ways by which the movies and Netflix can make money.

should nepal release movie in netflix?

Licensing fees of Nepali movies on Netflix

Let’s understand it by taking an example. Imagine you made a Nepali movie, and now you want to release it on Netflix. So how do you earn money from Netflix? How do you make your movie-making business profitable? It’s straightforward. You contact the Netflix. If Netflix thinks that your movie is good enough and will be streamed by people then it will agree to release your movie.

When you give Netflix the right to stream your movie, it will pay you the licensing fee. So it’s like a business. You’re selling the rights to stream movies to Netflix and it is paying you the consideration for it. The amount depends on many factors like popularity and exclusivity. In the context of Nepal, as per the reports, there are only about 1000 subscribers of this platform residing in Nepal which is almost 0% of the Netflix subscription rate.

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should nepal release movie on netflix?

So in this condition, you can imagine yourself if Netflix would be interested in investing in Nepali movies. After all, Netflix wants to earn profit so it would probably not invest in content that doesn’t seem to be very popular among the subscribers. Even if it invests, how much licensing fee will it pay? The fee will probably be meager. It will be lower than the amount the movie makers can earn by releasing it in the halls. So in this condition would you release a Nepali movie on Netflix?

Royalties and Revenue sharing of movies released on Netflix

Sometimes, Netflix signs a revenue-sharing agreement with the movie makers. So if you make a movie and release it on Netflix, it will pay you a certain percentage of the revenue that they generate from your movie. That amount depends upon the viewership metrics and subscriber engagement mostly. Let’s accept the fact that the native speakers of the Nepali language are very low in comparison to those of English, French, Hindi, etc. so, Netflix is likely to invest in those movies. Nepali movies will not generate good revenue for them.

Since most of the Nepali people are still paranoid about premium services, the Nepali subscribers are very low. In this condition, if you release your movie on Netflix and its subscriber engagement rate is too low, you’ll probably generate low revenue. Only if you can engage international viewers, will you be able to generate profit for yourself and Netflix too. So think to yourself if you should release your movie on Netflix or not.

should nepal release movie on netflix?

What’s your take?

Language is not a barrier to a good movie. But given that most of the Nepali movies have not been able to surpass the same cliché love story, maybe it’s not the correct time to release Nepali movies on Netflix. But the scenario of Kollywood is changing, so maybe it can be made possible after a few years when the directors and producers can make a movie that will engage international audiences too. Maybe if more Nepali audiences take subscriptions, the makers will think about releasing it on Netflix. On the other hand, maybe Nepali audiences will take subscriptions if makers release the movies on Netflix. So what’s your take on that?

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