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Same-Sex Marriage: A Closer Look at Asia’s Legal Landscape

We are in mid-June; you can also say we are in the middle of Pride month. In Pride Month, people are taking part in the parades and enjoying it to the fullest, but do you know about same-sex marriage? Is it legal in Asia or not, or is it legal in Nepal or not? Let me tell you about the it and the legalisation of it in Asia.

Before knowing about same-sex marriage, let’s know a little about Asia. Asia encompasses 48 countries and divides into five regions: South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia, and Central Asia.

Same-sex marriage legalisation

There are around 38 countries around the world that have legalised same-sex weddings. As of Asia, Taiwan was the first country in Asia to legalise it on May 24, 2019. The government of Nepal was instructed by Supreme Court Justice Til Prasad Shrestha to “temporarily register same-sex marriages and to create a “separate register” for “sexual minorities and non-traditional couples” by June 28, 2023. Nepal was the second country in Asia to legalise it on April 27, 2024. Becoming the first country in Southeast Asia to legalise it.

The Indian Supreme Court denied it, the country’s legal recognition on October 17, 2023. Thailand has also passed the bill to recognise same-sex marriage, and it needs the approval of the Senate and royal consent to become law. It is expected to happen by the end of the year. If Thailand gets approval, then it will become the first Southeast Asian country to legalise it.

In Conclusion

Taiwan and Nepal now permit same-sex marriage, making them the first two countries in South Asia to do so. Even with India’s barriers, things are moving forward; Thailand is almost ready for legalisation, awaiting clearance. Furthermore, these changes indicate that LGBTQ+ rights are becoming more widely accepted in the area and give optimism for future progress towards equality.

What do you think about the same-sex marriage?

Every country should Legalise it.

“We don’t need to legalize same-sex marriage.”

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