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Sajha Yatayat: Improving Passenger Comfort and Safety

If you take public transport, you have probably heard about Sajha Yatayat or seen the green public bus that travels the valley. It has been a well-known bus in the valley for a long time since it offers reasonably priced, comfortable, and safer transportation to the public.

History of Sahja Yatayat

With Mr. Vishwabandhu Thapa as its first chairman, Sajha Yatayat incorporated as a cooperative in 1962. Four months later, the company launched its bus services. However, it was put on hold in 2007 for a number of reasons before being restarted in 2013.

Re-Launch of Sajha Yatayat 

Sajha’s reactivation has led to implementing several enhancements aimed at increasing passenger comfort, such as

  • Sajha Plus: it is a mobile application that helps the passengers by tracking the bus location. It also helps in finding the nearest Sajha Bus stop, etc. this app is helpful for the people who are new to public transportation.
  • Electric buses: Sajha Yatayat began operating electric buses in 2022 with three vehicles. As of now they have also begun to install charging stations for their vehicles.
  • CCTV and WIFI: The electric Sajha buses have the service of free wifi and CCTV which make the ride more safer for the passengers.
  • Inter city buses: Sajha Yatayat started its intercity bus services in 2019 and offer rides from Baglung and Bhairahawa. You can book tickets online or offline for the bus.

In Conclusion

Since Sajha Yatayat was founded in 1962, a lot has changed. The organisation has overcome obstacles, such as a brief suspension of operations, and emerged stronger and more creative. The launch of Sajha Plus, an easy-to-use smartphone app for real-time bus tracking. A move to electric buses with free Wi-Fi and CCTV for passenger safety. The growth of intercity routes are some of the major upgrades. Sajha Yatayat has become a major participant in Nepal’s public transport industry thanks to these developments, which demonstrate the company’s dedication to modernity, sustainability, and customer happiness.

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