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Sadhguru’s Spiritual Connection In Nepal

Sadhguru, a mystic, and yogi, had deep bonds with Nepal and the locals through the years. This unmistakable connection is effectively shown in the photos below. These pictures capture Sadhguru’s spiritual connection in Nepal and the Nepali community.

Sadhguru, who was born Jagadish Vasudev on September 3, 1957, is widely known as the founder and leader of the Isha Foundation. The foundation is based in Coimbatore, India. Sadhguru, who founded the foundation in 1992, regulates the administration of an ashram and yoga center where numerous educational and spiritual activities. Sadhguru has been teaching yoga since 1982 and is regarded as a yogi and mystic—a person whose energy enters every aspect of his being.

Sadhguru’s significant impact on countless lives around the world has been recognized as one of India’s 50 most important persons. His work has reached and touched the hearts of millions through his transformative programs, showing his unique ability to bring about positive change and personal growth in individuals.


Sadhguru visiting around Hanumaan Dhoka Museum at Basantapur, Kathmandu on September 06, 2021. (Source: Nepalnews)

Sadhguru traveled to Kumari Ghar,  on September 6, 2021. His August 21 arrival in Kathmandu was driven by a desire to support and promote Nepal’s tourism business during the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadhguru believes that in the 21st century, only three countries deeply honor feminine deities: India, Bali, and Nepal. Nepal, in particular, has a distinct custom of honoring a living goddess known as the ‘Kumari.’ This holy tradition shows Nepal’s rich cultural legacy as well as spiritual devotion to the divine feminine.


Whatever you do, do it in style. But not necessarily in one particular style. #SadhguruQuotes (Source: Sadhguru twitter page)

On September 15, 2018, Sadhguru posted a captivating image on his official Twitter profile, highlighting his delightful visit to Nepal. In the post, he shared his happiness with a quotation that hit home: “Whatever you do, do it in style.” But not necessarily in a single style.” Sadhguru’s soul is brilliantly captured in this phrase, which encourages individuals to accept their distinct expressions while emphasizing the need of bringing a touch of elegance to every activity.


Sadhguru with the local child while his journey to the mountains.

Sadhguru had a touching interaction with a local child on his way to the Humla District. Following his visit to Kailash, he proceeded on this remarkable trip in September 2021. This visit provides an opportunity to meet with the people of the region, notably the youth.


Sadhguru brings ‘Linga Bhairavi’ to Nepal through the powerful process of consecration (Source: Business 360)

On March 7, 2022, Nepal became the first country outside of India to have the famous Linga Bhairavi Devi shrine. This historic event is significant because the presence of Linga Bhairavi is thought to improve the essential chakras inside the human system, supporting steadiness in body, mind, and energy. Sadhguru dedicates the majestic Linga Bhairavi Devi, a dazzling embodiment of the Divine Feminine, bringing this long-awaited dream of many devotees in Nepal to reality.



Sadhguru finds comfort and serenity in the enchanting surroundings of Bhaktapur Durbar Square during a peaceful time.



Sadhguru sent a loving postcard from the beautiful capital of Kathmandu during his visit in August 2013 to show his love for his beloved followers.


Reecha Sharma with Sadhguru (Source: Facebook)

Sadhguru met actress Reecha Sharma during his 2019 visit to Nepal. Sadhguru’s broad identity as a philanthropist, guru, teacher, yoga guru, mystic, and maverick. She characterized the interaction as a surreal experience in an emotional Facebook post, highlighting Sadhguru’s fascinating and unfathomable atmosphere.


Source: Sadhguru Twitter page

His Twitter post from 2018 “As the sun hides behind the mighty Annapurna peaks, a certain stillness sets into the beautiful Manang valley. The colorfully dressed valley undresses itself into one color of the cosmos.”


Sadhguru set out on a difficult journey in August 2015 after spending 48 hours in Kathmandu. In preparation for the difficult hike, he sank 45 holes in the mountain cores to reach Gokarna. Sadhguru composed a poetry composition titled “Painful Paradise” during the early stages of his trek to Kailash. His passionate observations on the magnificent Manang Valley, where a profound quiet appeared to encompass the surroundings, were accompanied.


The Calm and the Calmor- A Conversation of Sadhguru with Manisha Koirala

In 2016, Sadhguru with Manisha Koirala in a conversation held in the show Life in full stride.

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