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Rising Unrest: The State of Our Nation

Protests and strikes are taking place across the country. Rising unrest across the nation, where is our democracy heading and what is the state we living in? Who do we question anymore on this Federal Republic Democratic Nepal?

Teachers are protesting the School Education Bill, resulting in the closing of schools. Simultaneously doctors have stopped providing non-emergency services, stressing safety concerns after assaulting a doctor. Activists in the capital are protesting a crackdown on street sellers.

The government’s attitude, as well as the future of education, healthcare, and street vendors, remain uncertain in the height of this turbulence.

Where is our Democracy Heading?

Recently, I came upon an article titled “Democracy Dies in the Dark.” This made me ponder on the state of affairs in our country, where the youth are rapidly leaving the education system appears to have failed us, the healthcare system appears to be stuck in the 1800s, and our ministers travel the world.

It calls for the question, “Is democracy truly fading away in the dark, or is its decline as visible as the sun? The writer then describes how corruption, nepotism, and favoritism have become deeply ingrained, destroying the pillars of governance.

How many of us are watching from the sidelines, feel powerless in this scenario, perhaps unaware or complacent?


In-Depth Of Doctor Strike

This is not the first time doctors in Nepal have gone on strike, nor is it the first time they have been attacked by the public. Professionals serving the public have been repeatedly targeted by thugs across the country, from east to west. It’s upsetting to watch people who are here offering care go through situations like this.

On Tuesday, a Lamjung woman died while receiving treatment at Manipal Teaching Hospital. The crowd, which included the deceased’s relatives, attacked the doctor, claiming that the woman died due to the doctor’s inadequacy this incident put tensions on the Manipal Hospital grounds.

What hope do we see as a youth in his country where people who serve us are given death threats? 

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