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Remembering Chandler Bing

American and Canadian actor Matthew Perry died on Saturday at age 54. Actor who played the beloved character Chandler Bing in the top-rated US television comedy “Friends.” Today, let’s go through some of his iconic lines that will be forever alive and fresh in our memory. This article is for remembering the witty, wise-cracking Chandler Bing like it is the end of an era.

“I’m funny, right? What do you know? You’re a door. You only like knock-knock jokes.” – Chandler Bing.

“Hi, I’m Chandler. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.” – Chandler Bing.

“I’m a gym member. I try to go four times a week, but I’ve missed the last twelve hundred times.” – Chandler Bing.

“I’m not great at  advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” – Chandler Bing.

“Could we be more white trash?” – Chandler Bing.

“Could I be more sorry?” – Chandler Bing.

“I tend to keep talking until somebody stops me.” – Chandler Bing

“So it seems like this internet thing is here to stay.” – Chandler Bing.

The End

Chandler Bing’s quick wit and sarcastic charm got us in stitches numerous times throughout the show. Chandler’s remarks have become buried in popular culture, from his superb comedic timing to his famous catchphrases. We can never forget the character Mathew Perry has given to us. And we all Friends fans are saddened by his death.  Hope this is not the last day remembering Chandler Bing for the last time.

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