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Prithivi Jayanti: Rastriya Ekata Diwas

On the occasion of 302nd Prithivi Jayanti various programs are organized to celebrate, throughout the country. The birth anniversary of Prithivi Narayan Shah, on the Nepali month of Posh 27, people across the nation pay tribute to his statue. While honoring Prithivi Jayanti, Rastriya Ekata Diwas, we are also remembering the glorious unification of Nepal. Let’s have a look at what different prospective experts have regarding this day. 


Prithvi Narayan Shah, son of King Narabhupal Shah and Queen Kaushalyavati, born in Gorkha on 27 Poush 1779 BS. He ascended to the throne on Chaitra 25, 1799 BS. Nepal, which was initially divided into 52 principalities, saw significant shifts under his reign. With victory, Prithvi Narayan grew Nepal’s boundaries from the Tista River in the east to the Chepe River in the west.

Notably, Prithvi Narayan Shah captured Nuwakot in 1801 BS and the Kathmandu Valley twenty-five years later, in 1826 BS. The enlargement of the Nepal Valley was an important turning point in the country’s geographical expansion.  Today, the nation commemorates the birth anniversary of Prithvi Narayan Shah, who unified Nepal with the help of numerous castes and languages, with a variety of programs.

People offering garlands to the statue of late King Prithivi Narayan Shah on the occasion of 294th Prithivi Jayanti, in front of the Singha Darbar on Monday. (Source Photo: Bal Krishna Thapa/ THT)

Present Opinion

While many people observe Prithvi Jayanti by worshiping Prithvi Narayan Shah’s statue. Political parties such as the Mongol National Organisation mark the occasion by calling for a boycott of the history formed under his rule.

It is claimed that the pro-monarchy Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) demanded the then Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal to declare a public holiday to honor Prithvi Narayan Shah’s achievements.

According to activist Sherpa, King Prithvi Narayan Shah does not deserve such high regard. Because he only unified the land, not the people’s languages, customs, and religions. He claims that just because he unite the country does not make him a symbol of national unity.

Sherpa defends that his unification favored a unified language, culture, and religion while disregarding diverse communities. As a result, such unification goes against the values of out country, which has people of all religions and traditions.

As the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Is it necessary to celebrate the monarch of the past? Is Prithivi Jayanti a Rastriya Ekata Diwas?

Yes, It is necessary.

Yes, it is necessary but by not declaring a national holiday.

No, it is not necessary at all.

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