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PrettyClick: Nepal’s Beauty Haven

Are you looking for authentic, high-quality beauty products in Nepal? Have you ever wondered where to find the best American and European beauty brands in Nepal? Look no further! PrettyClick is our exclusive importer, distributor, and retailer of top-tier cosmetics and skincare products. As a Nepali business chain solely dedicated to beauty products, PrettyClick offers a wide range of makeup, skincare, masks, sunscreen, perfumes, and makeup accessories. With authorization to provide products from over twenty international brands, it is our one-stop solution for all things beauty.

Vision and Mission

The vision is to become the largest beauty and skincare brand in Nepal. Their mission is to harness the power of beauty to enhance our lives while inspiring and empowering women in every aspect of their lives. Core values:

– Inclusivity: It aims to create an inclusive beauty space for everyone to explore.

– Authenticity: Committed to providing genuine cosmetic products at affordable prices.

– Bringing the Best Brands: Dedicate to bringing the best Western brands to the Nepalese market.

– Customer Satisfaction: Focuses strongly on customer satisfaction, offering an exceptional shopping experience.

– Promoting Genuine Products: Advocate for using genuine beauty products and raise awareness about their importance.

Source: PrettyClick


Co-founders Megha Sharma and Neha Sharma started PrettyClick from one physical store. Since opening its first store in Civil Mall, Kathmandu, in 2015, they have grown to operate 15 stores across Nepal. The presence extends beyond physical locations; they also have a powerful online platform to serve us better. They believe that everyone deserves access to authentic and affordable products. Some famous brands we can get from the store are  Milani, LA Girl, Jordana, Makeup Revolution, Palladio, Real Technique, Elegant Lashes, and many more.

Source: PrettyClick

Discount and Gift Cards

Are you a member of our PrettyClick Reward Program? This loyalty program offers a discount where we can gain 100 points for every minimum purchase of Rs. 1000. These points can be used as a Rs. 100 discount on our next purchase. This point system is valid across all our authorized brands. Also, PrettyClick offers Gift Cards that allow us to deliver love to our loved ones. 

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