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Post-secondary options for Nepalese Students

Completing the 12th grade (plus two) marks an important milestone in Nepalese students’ educational path. If you recently completed your 12th grade, you must now make the move from school to further education or vocational training. As students and their families ponder their future steps, the path may be both thrilling and terrifying. This article explores the many alternatives available to Nepalese students after 12th grade. Let’s explore the post-secondary options for Nepalese students.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Science Stream

Students with a science background can pursue degrees such as Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), and Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS). These programs are offered by Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, and numerous medical and engineering institutes.

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Post-secondary options for Nepalese Students
source: MBBS Experts

Management Stream

Options for individuals who have finished their 12th grade in management include the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), and Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM). These programs are available at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, and several private colleges.

Humanities Stream

Students from the humanities stream can pursue a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), and other related degrees. Renowned institutions include Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, and Purbanchal University.

Tribhuvan University, Post-secondary options for Nepalese Students

Technical and Vocational Education

Diploma Programs

Institutes like the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) offer diploma programs in engineering, agriculture, health sciences, and more. These programs provide practical skills and are designed to meet the needs of various industries.

Technical Schools

Technical schools across Nepal provide training in fields such as automotive engineering, electronics, plumbing, and carpentry, offering an alternative to traditional academic education.

Post-secondary options for Nepalese Students, what after 12th?
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Emerging Opportunities


With increasing support for startups and small enterprises, entrepreneurship has emerged as a viable career choice. Young entrepreneurs can access mentorship, funding, and tools through programs and incubators such as the Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub and Rockstart Impact.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a common choice among Nepali students. Countries such as India, Australia, the United States, and Canada provide a wide range of programs and scholarships. Nepalese agencies and consultancies assist students with the application process, visa requirements, and selecting appropriate colleges.

Online Education

The advent of online education platforms such as Coursera, edX, and Khan Academy allows students to access courses from premier universities around the world. This style of education provides flexibility and the possibility to obtain knowledge and credentials in a variety of subjects.

source: edX


These were some post-secondary options for Nepalese students. After 12th grade, students in Nepal face a series of possibilities and decisions that will influence their future professions. Whether choosing traditional academic paths, technical and vocational training, entrepreneurship, or studying abroad, students must carefully assess their interests, strengths, and professional goals. With adequate supervision and informed decisions, the journey beyond 12th grade can lead to a rewarding and successful career.

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