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Pathibhara Mata Temple

Have you ever wondered about the origin and significance of the Goddesses you have worshipped? If so, let’s know more about the Origin and Significance of Pathibhara Mata Temple!

Pathibhara Temple is one of the famous religious destinations for Hindu and Limbu pilgrims. It is located on a flat surface on top of a hill surrounded by the Himalayan Region with a view of  Kanchenjunga. Also known as Mukkumlung, the temple is located 19.4 kilometers east of Taplejung district’s Phungling Bazar at a height of 3794 meters (12,444 feet). We know the Pathivara Mata temple as the Goddess of Desires because we believe that visiting the temple grants our wishes. To please the Goddess, usually we make sacrifices of various animals along with prayers, gold, silver, and other items.

The Pathibhara Area Development Committee manages the temple well, using monetary offerings provided by us. The Goddess’s statue sits in an open space, surrounded by other religious sculptures, amidst beautiful rhododendrons, mountains, and dense forests. Let us go through the history and significance of the Temple.

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The legends say the temple’s origin started when local shepherds lost hundreds of their sheep while grazing close to where the temple now stands. The shepherds after that got a dream in which the Goddess instructed them to offer a ritualistic sacrifice of sheep and instructed to build a temple in her honor. Following the goddess’s instructions, the shepherds made the sacrificial offering, and miraculously, the lost herd suddenly returned. This extraordinary event started the ritual of animal sacrifice within the temple’s premises. Even today, people believe that all the blood of sacrificed animals flows through a drain into the dense forest, where they think a tiger, the “Vahana” or vehicle of Mata, consumes it.

The hill goddess Pathibhara, whom the place is named after, is seen as a powerful deity by her followers. We believe that she is kind and happy with people who show kindness, pray sincerely, and make offerings with a pure heart without being greedy. The goddess is believed to be strict and unforgiving towards those who have bad intentions or do things with selfish motives. So, we should try to approach her with respect and sincerity, hoping for her blessings and protection.


Believers hold Pathibhara Mata Temple in high regard as one of the ‘Shakti Peeths,’ where they believe parts of Goddess Sati descended during Lord Shiva’s mourning period. Consequently, the temple stands as a powerful symbol of divine presence and the goddess’s eternal energy.

The Pathibhara Mata Temple holds profound religious significance for devotees, both locally and beyond. People like us visit the Pathibhara Mata Temple from Nepal, India, and Abroad throughout the year especially during Dashain and Chaitey Dashain, hoping for their deepest wishes to come true. The temple is an important place for devotees like us because it’s a place where we feel close to Goddess Pathibhara. We should go there to find comfort, to ask for blessings, and to feel spiritually fulfilled.

In the End

Many know Pathibhara Mata Temple due to its religious significance for both Hindus and the Limbu community. The temple is accessible only by trekking or by helicopter. It takes around 6-8 hours of trekking from Suketar to Pathivara Temple, if we have a hard time walking we can get carriers to help. Many people cannot visit the temple due to the lack of road accessibility, which should be the key focus for the improvement of the area.

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