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Pathao Across the Country

The riding industry is witnessing a dynamic shift in the city where convenience meets technology. Pathao, an app-based transportation and food delivery company, is expanding its reach across the country. Yet, the company thinks its growth could be faster to reach its full potential. Pathao Nepal is an easy go-to app for everyone.

Pathao’s Expansion Journey

Since its beginning in 2015, Pathao has become a household name, revolutionizing urban mobility in Kathmandu Valley. However, since Pathao started its journey, it has recognized the untapped demand beyond the capital. As a result, Pathao launched a mission to connect distant corners of Nepal, launching services in 18 cities nationwide, including Chitwan.

Suraksha Hamal, Head of Marketing at Pathao Nepal, explains the demand outside Kathmandu. “We have now reached all seven provinces,”. She states, highlighting the overwhelming response received post-expansion. The surge in applications from potential riders and the steady rise in daily rides underscore the growing traction in these new markets.

 Pathao continues to expand further, with plans to introduce auto-rickshaw services and intercity rides.

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Hurdles to Grow

While Pathao grows, other players like Tootle and inDrive navigate their own trajectories. Tootle, once a dominant force, has moved towards goods delivery. It has no immediate plans for expansion outside Kathmandu Valley. Meanwhile, inDrive, the new competitor, has strategically entered Nepal’s market, focusing on critical cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan.

The journey towards industry growth faces regulatory speed bumps, too. This is a huge deal because it delays realizing its full potential. While the government’s recent classification of ride-hailing as a service-oriented industry marks a milestone, clear guidelines repress progress. Pathao Nepal has started its regulations, including vehicle registration, fare management, and passenger insurance. This aims to streamline operations but awaits implementation.

In the journey towards a connected, mobile Nepal, the convergence of innovation and governance paves the way for a brighter, more accessible future. As ride-hailing companies navigate the twists and turns of regulatory terrain, their commitment to enhancing urban mobility remains unwavering, driving Nepal towards a new era of transportation excellence.

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