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Out-of-Context Memes of the Month

There goes no day without one meme to make you chuckle.

No day passes by without browsing memes from our favorite pages. Should we start a Gazzabkoo meme page? I mean, every meme is a gazzabkoo meme, as we have never seen it before. I also have my favorite meme, which perfectly describes my love life. The meme is from Maha Jodi’s television show Laalpurja, we how Hari Bansa’s character rejects romance. Well, that is how we all find a little part of ourselves in the out-of-context memes.

Here, we have collected ten memes that we found funny when taken out of context. You can share this with your friends and tell us which memes you found funny today. We will ensure we give you or your page a shoutout in next month’s edition. But for now, these are our out-of-context memes of the month.

exam paper

Kids these days learn a lot from the internet, heh!


It is easier to choose from the menu this way.


It’s always the mischievous Jhapa, they say.


When tea party turns into lunch, it do take some time.


Well, I used to have a lot of these in my clothes but he out did me.


Actually this is the Real tea party. What do you think?


Renew, reuse, recycle. Save the environment gone too far.

This is what I call a real tea party, break from every chaos.


Like the character Mohini in the Happy New Year movie says and I quote, “art heh eh art.”


Theif gotta discriminate against no one.


So did you find these out-of-context memes of the month funny? Let us know which of these memes you find a sensational comment or share with us by tagging. We surely will give you credit for boosting your meme page. Make sure you share these with your friends and family to make them chuckle and least make their day. 

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