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Onigiri: A Versatile Delight.

Rice is the comfort food for most people in Asia, especially in the south and in north-east Asia. There are several dishes made of rice, like biryani, egg fried rice, khichdi, etc., but onigiri, also known as rice balls, is more popular in north-east Asia and in other countries for its unique shape. If you are an anime fan or if you watch Korean, Japanese, or Chinese dramas, you might be familiar with the word onigiri. Onigiri holds a special place in the hearts of the Japanese people.

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Origin of Onigiri

Onigiri has a long history in Japan that dates back to the late Yayoi period’s ruins. Initially, it got serve as a thank-you gift. in the Heian era. Glutinous rice being the main ingrident in its original creation. With time, onigiri developed into a handy, portable lunch. As a bento while labouring on farms during the Sengoku period. Its popularity rose after the nori roll was created during the Edo era. It is said that during the war, Samuri used to carry a small bamboo container in which they carried onigri to eat.  Onigiri is a staple of Japanese food that is enjoyed in many settings, such as convenience shops and train stations, even during difficult times.

How to Prepare Onigiri

To make onigiri, first prepare Japanese rice, then add salt and form the rice into a ball or any other shape you desire. If it is difficult to mould it with your hands, you may use rice ball moulds, which are easily available. After you’ve moulded the rice into your preferred shape, create a well in it and add your filling. Be sure to cover the filling with rice and wrap it with a nori sheet, or you can also use Shiso leaf instead. You may also sprinkle some sesame seeds on it. 

Onigiri can be of different shapes. It does not have to be a ball; it can be a triangle or another shape, as you desire. Onigiri is so close to Japanese people that it is mostly part of their late-night snack, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They can eat it any time of the day.

Different types of fillings

You can make onigiri with different fillings as per your preference. One of the popular Onigiri flavours is tuna and mayonnaise, which is creamy because of the Japanese mayo and goes well with una. If you like salmon, then you can also add it to your onigiri by grilling it or using salmon flakes. You are vegetarian, no issues. You can add cheese or kimchi to your onigiri; basically, you can add any filling you like.

In Conclusion

Onigiri is rice shaped in your desired shape with some filling of your choice because its simple yet versatile design allows it to accommodate a variety of toppings to suit a variety of tastes. This helped it become popular around the world. Onigiri is a great example of how easy and simple rice dishes can be in Asian cuisine as a late-night snack, quick breakfast, or as part of a packed lunch. It’s more than just a dish; it is a feeling deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

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