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NRN Citizenship: Requirements and Procedures

Non-resident Nepali(NRN) is a term that describes a foreign national of Nepalese descent who resides overseas. We refer to a person born in Nepal who later obtained the nationality of a foreign nation other than one that is a member of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) as a foreigner of Nepali origin.

The process of obtaining NRN citizenship.

Firstly, you have to fill out the online form and then take the appointment via phone call because, to conduct the process, you have to enter the Singha Durbar. Without an appointment, you cannot enter Singha Durbar. Then the secretary will review their documents for approval. After all this, you have to pay a certain amount for NRN citizenship. You can receive the NRN ID card on the same day or after a few days.

Foreign citizens of Nepali origin require the following documents for NRN citizenship:

  • Three current photos of the applicant.
  •  A citizenship document for the country of residence.
  • Proof of renunciation of Nepalese citizenship.
  • Citizenship certificate of a father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother.
  • Document related to business registration if he or she has been engaged in any profession or business outside Nepal.
  • Document confirming that he or she has been employed in a country outside Nepal.

Nepali citizens living abroad require the following documents for NRN citizenship:

  • Copy of Nepali citizenship certificate,
  • Copy of Nepali passport,
  • Documents related to the registration of business in the case of doing business abroad,
  • Document confirming that in case of occupation or employment abroad,
  • Working in any international association or organization If so, the appointment letter of the organisation and the document revealing the current employment status,
  • ecently took three copies of passport-size photographs.

For any details or more information, you should always contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal or visit their official website:

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