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Discover the Sensational New Singers Taking the World by Storm

Many singers from the older generation are well-known worldwide for their exquisite and enchanting vocals. However, have you heard of his brand-new, stunning vocals? Absolutely, some singers are taking the globe by storm, leaving listeners captivated. Moreover, they deserve attention for their exceptional talent. Here are a few you should check out.

Here are some of the New Generation Singers

Rachana Dahal

Rachana Dahal artist
Source: OnlineKhabar

Singer Rachana Dahal is 26 years old, and she is an artist from the younger generation. Additionally, in Kathmandu, she began her career as a cover singer. The audience adores her new song, Ma Sakdina, which she created with Bijay Maximus and Tri No Treble.In just 11 days, it has garnered 46k views and 4.1k likes on YouTube. Moreover, Dahal is the creator of several additional songs, including Daagbatti and Alagaav. Her audience adores her as an artist.

Samir Shrestha

Samir Shrestha artist
Source: OnlineKhabar

Samir Shrestha is the singer who has captured everyone’s heart. You’ll fall in love with this musician because of his heartfelt songs and rich voice. His most recent song, “Anaavashyak,” was uploaded to YouTube two months ago. With 829k views and 38k likes, it has garnered significant attention. Moreover, Shrestha is under Garage Entertainment, and according to him, they have helped him a lot to grow.Additionally, he is among the most beloved artists of the younger generation.

Prajina Lamichhane

Prajina Lamichhane artist

She is the singer of the song “Hami,” which is a heartfelt tune that often brings listeners to tears. Her name is Prajina Lamichhane. This song as well as others, such as “Yo Sahar,” Selena Gomez encouraged her to sing. Despite having only begun her singing career a few years prior, she was nevertheless able to win over the hearts of many with her calming voice. She is among the most well-known performers both in Nepal and abroad.

Dixita Karki

Singer Dixita Karki is well-known on YouTube. She is a 22-year-old Nepali artist who is on the rise to fame. Her father, Chetan Raj Karki, is also a musician; she made her debut with the song “Timi Ra Ma” back in 2018. Nima, her mother, is an excellent ukulele player as well. It is reasonable to claim that she comes from a talented family. Additionally, many of the songs she has uploaded to YouTube, including “Hijo Aja,” “Mana Namana,” “Jeevan,” and many more, have amassed thousands of likes and views.Furthermore, her presence on the platform continues to grow, captivating audiences worldwide.

Wangden Sherpa

Wangden Sherpa singer
Source: The Kathmandu Post

Wangden Sherpa, a singer-songwriter from Kathmandu, is 25 years old. At the age of thirteen, he picked up the guitar for the first time, beginning his musical adventure. Afterward, starting by sharing covers of some of his favorite musicians, he has released his debut studio album, Tangled in You, in the Nepali music industry. With its combination of English and Nepali, deep bass voices, and compositions that unite two different worlds, the album is a lovesick meander from Nepal to Texas and back again. In addition, Wangden has established himself as a new face and a figure to watch in Nepali culture because of his creative and entertaining Tiktoks.

In conclusion

The audience had a great time with these new-generation singers. They may be familiar to you, and you may have heard their songs before. If not, you ought to try it out and tell us what you think of their songs.

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