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Nepali Paisa: Your Guide to stocks and the share market in Nepal

You most likely already know about the Nepali Paisa Application if you have any interest in stocks and the share market. Alternatively, you might be familiar with these concepts. One of the well-known applications in Nepal that deals with shares and the stock market is the Nepali Paisa Application.


They are not limited to only applications; they have podcasts and websites as well. Their podcasts teach their audience about the financial market and are available on YouTube. In addition, they offer an application where you can locate all of this information and purchase shares, as well as a website where they inform their audience about news and developments in the stock market. They provide simple, user-friendly websites and apps.

Origin of the Nepali Paisa

Nepali Paisa was founded by Source Code Private Limited in 2017 with the main focus of educating and helping people with the stock market and financial investments.

It won the award in 2017 under the Media and Entertainment category from the India-based Digital Empowerment Foundation, which works to advance mobile communication technology throughout South Asia.

The key features of the Nepali Paisa App are:

  • Breaking share market news,
  • NEPSE Data,
  • Detailed information on all listed companies,
  • Stock market calculators,
  • Stock screener,
  • Updates on announcements and stock events,
  • Investment opportunities (IPO, FPO, auction, etc.) ,
  • Weekly NEPSE reports and
  • Weekly technical analysis

Every application has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of this will be that it will assist you with the stock and share market and keep you informed about news related to it, but as we discuss its drawbacks, this programme requires internet access in order to function. 


Established in 2017 by Source Code Private Limited, Nepali Paisa is an all-inclusive website that helps customers navigate the stock market by providing education and support. It provides calculators, investment options, corporate information, NEPSE statistics, and current news. Even though it offers helpful materials, using it requires internet connectivity.

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