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Nepali Movie ‘Farki Farki’ Shining at Box Office

“Farki Farki” is a newly released Nepali movie directed by Suyog Gurung and starring Anmol KC and Jassita Gurung. It is making waves at the box office with its unique and captivating storyline. This movie was released on Jestha 10, 2024. The film delves into the intriguing concept of a time loop, presenting a narrative that is both innovative and refreshing. Our own Nepali movie, “Farki Farki” is shining at the box office.

About ‘Farki Farki’

“Farki Farki,” directed by Suyog Gurung and starring Anmol KC and Jassita Gurung, showcases a fresh and intriguing take on the time loop genre. The trailer teases an engaging storyline where the characters navigate repeating events, striving to alter their fates. Anmol KC’s intense performance and Jassita Gurung’s compelling screen presence promise a captivating cinematic experience. With its innovative plot and high production values, “Farki Farki” stands out as a must-watch film, poised to leave a significant impact on Nepali cinema.

You can watch the trailer here.

Nepali Movie 'Farki Farki' Shining at Box Office

Review of ‘Farki Farki’

This movie is collecting tons of love from the audience. The overall storyline is being appreciated. Movie enthusiasts are relieved that the Nepali film industry finally tried something new and unique than the usual Nepali movies. The concept of the time loop hasn’t been explored by the Nepali film industry till “Farki Farki”. Director Suyog Gurung has done an exceptional job. The cinematography is also applaudable. Anmol KC is also being praised for his acting. The improvement in his acting is evident. Screen presence of Jassita Gurung, Ravi Kafle and Samriddhi Aryal is also praiseworthy.

anmol kc

Despite the love and hype, there are some criticisms too regarding this movie. Some people have claimed that the storyline isn’t original but is copied from the movie “Groundhog Day”. But the makers of “Farki Farki” have made sure to give credit to “Groundhog Day” by mentioning it’s name several times in the movie. So it’s better to rather say that the movie is inspired rather than copied.

Box Office Collection

Though the makers haven’t released the official report regarding the box office collection, it is evident that this Nepali movie, ‘Farki Farki’ is shining at the box office. This movie was released in more than 120 cinema halls in Nepal. The budget of this movie is estimated to be almost 4 crores. In just three days of its release, we can estimate more than NRS 2,500,000 of box office collection. So, this movie is predicted to be a superhit among the movies releasing this year.

Nepali Movie 'Farki Farki' Shining at Box Office

Will You Watch ‘Farki Farki’?

“Farki Farki” is a cinematic journey that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat with its innovative time loop narrative. The powerful performances by Anmol KC and Jassita Gurung, combined with Suyog Gurung’s masterful direction, make this film a standout. Don’t miss the chance to experience a story that redefines the boundaries of Nepali cinema. Grab your tickets and prepare for an unforgettable adventure with “Farki Farki”!

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