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Nepali Films Representing LGBTQ+ Community

Although Nepali Film lack very behind in representing LGBTQ+ community in its show-piece. Here we have collected some representing LGBTQ+ community in Nepali Films.

Pride Month is celebrated worldwide in June, a month dedicated to celebrating and embracing diverse sexual orientations. During this period, members of the LGBTQ+ community gather to celebrate their sexual identities through numerous events and parades. While LGBTQ+ presence in the Nepali film industry has been limited in the past, there have been notable instances where inspiring LGBTQ+ films have left a lasting impression on audiences.

As we celebrate Pride Month this year, which runs from June 1 to June 30. It’s worth taking a look at these Nepali films that proudly representing LGBTQ+ community with pride, creating a platform for visibility, acceptance, and celebration.

1 Soongava: Dance of the Orchids

“Soongava: Dance of the Orchids” is Nepal’s first film that bravely represented the LGBTQ+ community. This treasure, released in 2012, is skillfully directed and written by Subarna Thapa. The film’s lead actors are Deeya Maskey and Nisha Adhikari, supported by Saugat Malla and Bashundhara Bhushal. Notably, despite not receiving a nomination, “Soongava” was chosen as Nepal’s official submission for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 86th Academy Awards. The left a huge influence on the film industry worldwide. This masterpiece shows the power of narrative and its ability to illuminate the LGBTQ+ experience with beauty, sensitivity, and honesty.

2 Just Another Love Story

“Just Another Love Story” is a Nepali web series with a fascinating narrative that captivates its viewers. The series is beautifully made by the writing combination of Shan Basnyat and Priyanka Karki. Prior to the premiere of the web series, Sajjan Ra Vaidya’s lovely song “Pahaar” set the scene, striking an emotional connection in the hearts of the audience. The song’s participation in a flash mob demonstrated the queer community’s enormous affection and acceptance for the music and the philosophy behind “Just Another Love Story.” From September through November 2019, the web series aired on Priyanka Karki’s YouTube channel. The series’ portrayal of queer characters is a testament to the power of representation.

3 Gulabi Ek Rang: A Transwoman Story

‘Gulabi,’ an anticipated Nepali film, focuses on the transgender LGBT difficulty. The amazing Nazir Hussain leads the cast as a homosexual character, adding dimension to his performance. Together with him, talented SanchitaLuitel and the dynamic Haulty Notty Shrestha are casted in this silm. Director Samundra Bhatt delivers a strong message. Advocating for society to accept and treat transgender people with the respect they deserve.

Working closely together, Nazir and filmmaker Bhatt have poured their hearts and souls into the script, delivering a story that is filled with truth and empathy. Sky Ocean Entertainment, the production firm, has signed a promising contract for this socially significant film. ‘Gulabi’ pledges to push boundaries, challenge preconceptions, and act as a light of hope in Nepali society, fostering acceptance and understanding.

4 Meera: Shadow of a Rainbow

“Meera: Shadow of a Rainbow” is an outstanding Nepali short film with a compelling plot that explores into the depths of human emotions. Nishan Chauhan, Kailash Rawal, and Roshni Karki, who grace the screen with their outstanding performances, star in this touching production.

The film dives into a mother’s tragic battle, focusing light on the difficulties that a child with autism faces. As well as the close relationships that exist within society. “Meera,” which released in August 2022, beautifully conveys the rawness and complexity of human bonds. This gem is from Aashvi Films and Latokosero Films’ joint efforts, two creative powerhouses that joined forces to bring this meaningful story to life.


To summarize, while the Nepali film industry have remarkable strides toward LGBTQ+ representation, more work remains to be done. Viewers play an important role in supporting and encouraging the industry to produce films that reflect the LGBTQ+ communities. Looking at global cinema industries such as Hollywood and Bollywood for inspiration, we can learn from their positive portrayals and the feedback they receive from people all over the world.

It is important that Nepali cinema learn from these examples and strive for better representation. Furthermore, there are many other great short films in Nepali that address LGBTQ+ subjects, showing the industry’s wide talent and creativity. We can contribute to a more inclusive  Nepali film landscape by supporting and highlighting these efforts.

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