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Nepali Film ‘Lori’ Shines Bright: Winning Hearts and Awards at Cannes

Did you watch the movie “Lori”? Do you know it won the Special Mention Award at the Festival de Cannes? Let’s check out how the Nepali Film ‘Lori’ was able to shine bright by winning hearts and awards at Cannes.

At the 75th Cannes Film Festival, the Nepali short film “Lori” (Melancholy of My Mother’s Lullabies), directed by Abinash Bikram Shah, was awarded the “Special Mention” Award.


As the mother softly sings lullabies to her 12-year-old daughter, the soothing melodies temporarily protect the daughter from the harshness of reality. But when it ends, the daughter’s senses sharpen, revealing a grim truth awaiting. In the harsh reality, the gentle lullabies offer little comfort against the challenges she must now face.


Abinash Bikram Shah directed and wrote the script and dialogue for the film ‘Lori’. Uajal Kumar Bastakoti captured the shots, Suraj Paudel edited the film, and Ranzen Jha provided the music. The actors are Ankita Yadav, Preeti Jha, and Sujita Sah.


The director Abinash Bikram Shah said that he was inspired to make the film after he heard the news from rural Nepal’s southeast about rescuing young girls from being trafficked to India. The girls were tricked, mostly providing poverty as the reason, but one girl mentioned escaping because her mother forced her into marriage.

In Nepal, where child marriage is a huge issue, it thrives due to its patriarchal society. Patriarchy runs deep, with even women sometimes unaware of the problem or inadvertently contributing to it.

As a filmmaker, he aimed to depict this grim reality without sugarcoating it. Instead of offering simplistic solutions, he wanted to shed light on the darkness of the situation.

In the End

With a duration of just 14 minutes, ‘Lori’ navigates the depths of human emotion, offering a glimpse into a reality that is raw and unfiltered. This Nepali film has shone brightly on international platforms like Cannes, making it a must-watch. We should support the film, which has created history in the Nepali film industry. So, grab your laptop and snacks, and let’s watch it!

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