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Nepal National Game: Volleyball

The fabric of a country weaves its identity through cultural practices, proud festivities, religious rituals, and, yes, even sports. When considering a country’s national sport, we discover a strong link to its traditions and people. The phrase “national” represents a country’s patriotic unity. Unsurprisingly, Nepal’s national game is significant to its proud people. At the same time, various factors influence the choice of a national game. Geographical factors, local customs, and, most importantly, popularity play a role in this process. However, popularity does not determine the outcome; otherwise, football and cricket would dominate the landscape in most countries. 

The history of national games in Nepal takes an unusual turn. Dandi Biyo held the title unofficially for years, symbolizing the spirit of the nation. However, in 2017, a seismic shift happened as volleyball was officially declared Nepal’s national sport. Let’s get to know more about Nepal National Game.

Reason For The Shift

Nepal, a diverse country, has embraced distinct national sports for decades. Dandi Biyo originated and played in rural regions and has long been a part of the spirit of rural Nepal, getting fond childhood memories in many adults today. However, the game’s popularity has declined in recent years, perhaps leaving it behind in the wake of Nepal’s modernization wave since the government has failed to establish protective measures that could save it.

Volleyball, on the other hand, has received a lot of attention and interest in Nepal during the last several years. While it is not the most popular sport in the country, it provides ease and accessibility for the residents of this developing country, which has contributed to its emergence as the official National Sport of Nepal.

Both games currently have the distinction of being recognized as national games in Nepal. Volleyball has received formal government recognition, whereas Dandi Biyo maintains historical relevance. However, Dandi Biyo’s memories and consciousness may diminish as time passes, potentially leaving future generations unaware of its existence.

Volleyball: Nepal National Game

Volleyball is not only a popular activity but also Nepal’s national sport. It has caught the hearts of people all over the country. Its appeal comes from its adaptability, as it can be played in various settings, from the hills to the Himalayas and the Terai plains. Volleyball was designated as Nepal’s national sport by the government due to the sport’s growing popularity throughout the country. Volleyball’s accessibility is one of the reasons that contribute to its popularity. The game requires only a small area and has simple rules, making it a popular choice. For recreational activities among Nepalese inhabitants. In a country where individuals frequently seek out leisure activities. Volleyball is an excellent physical activity for people of all ages. Volleyball is a great way for people of all ages to exercise, connect with friends and family.

Additionally, build a sense of unity through friendly competition. Volleyball’s inclusive nature also allows people from various backgrounds and locations to join, generating a sense of national pride and unity. Volleyball unites Nepalese individuals in their shared love of the sport, confirming its role as the national game and representing the nation’s spirit, whether in urban areas or isolated villages.

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How Is Volleyball Played?

Volleyball is a two-team sport popular in Nepal, with six players on each side. Participants strike the ball with their fingers over a high net, hoping to land it into the opponent’s play area. A player from the opposing team throws the ball to a teammate to keep it from reaching the ground. The teammate can shoot the ball over the net or pass it to another player. Each team is permitted three hits on the ball before it is sent over the net. In this fast-paced game, agility, collaboration, and coordination are essential.


In conclusion, national sports represent a country’s cultural customs and traditions. Nepal’s rich terrain and tradition value its national game. Location, politics, and popularity influence the choice. Volleyball has officially replaced Dandi Biyo as the official Nepal national game. Volleyball’s flexibility and accessibility make it famous throughout Nepal, encouraging physical activity, connection, and unity. Dandi Biyo’s popularity falls as modernization advances, potentially erasing him from memory. Volleyball, on the other hand, stands tall, catching the nation’s enthusiasm and signifying unification. It is still essential to Nepal’s sporting scene, motivating future generations.

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