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Neeru Budha Magar: A Blossoming Muscial Journey

As last winter in Nepal neared its end during the months of Magh-Falgun, the hills in different parts of the country came alive with the vibrant blossoms of rhododendrons. Amidst these blossoms, the song “Laligurans”, sung by the talented Neeru Budha Magar, filled the air with harmony.

The captivated visitors shared the stunning scenes on social media, flooding feeds with Nepal’s beloved national flower. Amidst these social media posts, the song “Laligurans” became a popular choice, accompanying many videos that showcased the breathtaking beauty of the blooming rhododendrons. The song emerged as the unofficial anthem of the rhododendron season. It resonated deeply with the essence of the beautiful season in Nepal, all while its singer resided in a distant land, Singapore. 

Laliguras, by Neeru Budha Magar
Laliguras, by Neeru Budha Magar

At GazzabKoo Magazine, we had the privilege to interview the singer of this popular song “Laliguras”, Ms. Neeru Budha Magar. We explored her musical journey from a cover song artist to producing her originals. She has done this all while being distant from her homeland.

Ms. Neeru’s Musical Growth

When asked about her personal and professional development transitions, she values the time when she only covered songs. This phase helped her build an audience and develop herself as a singer. Her audience stayed loyal to her in the latter journey when she released her original music such as “Lakhau Samjhana” and “Maya Ko Chino”.

Lakhau Samjhana, by Neeru Budha Magar
Lakhau Samjhana, by Neeru Budha Magar

Her inspiration for pursuing a musical career stems from small and big appreciations that she received at school programs and competitions. Ms. Neeru Budha Magar’s song-making process begins with the song’s title. This is followed by writing the lyrics and composing the melody as per her imagination and creativity. 

Maya ko Chino, by Neeru Budha Magar

She deeply desires to uphold the tradition of incorporating classical musical instruments. She aims to use madal, sarangi, and basuri in her compositions as extensively as possible to retain the essence of Nepal in her songs. Moreover, she wishes people to listen to Nepali folk music blended with modern elements.

Identity Beyond Singing

Although she is popularly known as a singer, she could never pursue music as her full-time career. Along with her passion for music, she also prioritized her education and is a registered nurse. Currently, she also works as a freelance photographer while fulfilling her duties as a dedicated housewife. Amidst all these roles and responsibilities, she promises to come up with a new release soon.

Besides her music, she was also well-known for showcasing her authentic village life in Rolpa with her in-laws. Now  that she lives abroad, she still manages to stay connected to her roots and traditions. She does this by participating in various events organized by fellow Nepali people. At the end of the interview, the singer didn’t let go of the opportunity to thank her beloved supporters. 

Although relatively new in the musical diaspora of Nepal, Ms. Neeru has certainly left her precious mark on the Nepali music industry through her popular songs and will continue to rise and shine. 

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